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General manager job description and additional job description resources for a range of manager positions. Gain a good understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a general manager plus 16 other management jobs. 

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Sample job descriptions for manager jobs include:

General manager, sales manager, marketing manager, customer service manager, project manager, production manager, facility manager, property manager, operations manager, product manager, restaurant manager, payroll manager, store manager, warehouse manager, maintenance manager and office manager.

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Manager Job Descriptions

General Manager Job Description

This job description outlines the common duties and responsibilities associated with a general management position in an organization.

The core competencies and generic skills needed for successful job performance in a manager function are summarized. A general manager will be expected to plan, organize, lead and control the daily operations of a business, region, operating unit or division.

For a full general manager job description go to Management Job Description

Sales Manager Job Description

A sales manager is responsible for planning and executing the overall sales activities of a company or assigned market in order to achieve organizational sales and profit objectives. The ability to lead and motivate a sales team is core to success in this job. Excellent strategic planning and implementation are essential to achieving company objectives.

A full job description for this position can be found at Sales Manager Job Description

Marketing Manager Job Description

The marketing manager is entrusted with the development and implementation of marketing strategies to meet company objectives. This includes management of the promotional, advertising, communication and marketing activities of the organization.

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Customer Service Manager Job Description

Also referred to as Customer Care Manager this job involves the planning and organizing of customer-focused activities to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction and establish productive customer relationships. The customer service manager is tasked with optimizing the activities of the customer service team to provide the best customer experience.

Full job description at Customer Service Manager Job Description

Project Manager Job Description

The role of the project manager includes the efficient planning, execution and closing of a project. To achieve these outcomes the project manager is required to apply the right knowledge and skills, tools and techniques during the different project phases.

Go to Project Manager Job Description

Production Manager Job Description

Tasked with ensuring the efficient production of goods and maximizing the return on assets, the production manager is key in ensuring company profitability.

Full job description at Production Manager Job Description

Facility Manager Job Description

A facilities manager ensures the efficient running of a facility to meet business objectives. These managers are responsible for planning and maintaining a suitable working environment for an organization's employees and their activities.

Find out more at Facility Manager Job Description

Operations Manager Job Description

Responsible for planning and directing the operations of an organization to ensure and enhance performance, productivity and profitability.

An operations manager requires a working knowledge of business, management, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, production and project management to successfully perform the diverse tasks associated with this job.

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Product Manager Job Description

Although the tasks and accountabilities of the product manager job will differ according to the industry, the product or group of products and the product life-cycle the core functions and competencies of the job remain constant.

Find out more at Product Manager Job Description

Property General Manager Job Description

Responsible for planning and directing the daily operations of commercial, residential and industrial properties to meet the financial objectives of the owners and management.

Maintaining and enhancing the value of the property as well as meeting tenant and ownership requirements involves a diverse set of tasks, accountabilities and competencies.

Full job description at Job Description Property Manager

Maintenance Manager Job Description

Responsible for planning and supervising the maintenance of properties, facilities and equipment in a variety of settings.

Maintenance Manager Job Description

Purchasing Manager Job Description

Responsible for purchasing the materials, products and services organizations require to maintain operations. The complete job description clearly lists the duties and responsibilities for this job. Complete job description at Purchasing Manager Job Description

Store Manager Job Description

Responsible for the effective operational functioning of the store including financial management, staff management, merchandising and driving customer service and sales.

Store Manager Job Description

Retail Store Manager Duties and Skills

Payroll Manager Job Description

Controlling and directing the payroll preparation, processing and distribution requires strong organizational and scheduling skills together with good problem-solving ability.

Go to this detailed job description at Payroll Manager Job Description

Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Find out what general managers of restaurants do. Responsible for supervising all the operations of the restaurant to ensure efficiency and profitability. Full details at Restaurant Manager Job Description

Office Manager Job Description

The list of duties and responsibilities will differ according to the business and organization. Typically this multi-faceted job primarily involves the running of an efficient and effective office through the optimal management of resources, procedures and operations.

Office Manager Job Description

Warehouse Manager Job Description

This job description clearly outlines the role and responsibilities of the warehouse manager job. Requiring experience and knowledge of multiple areas of responsibility this is a key position in many different industries.

Warehouse Manager Job Description

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