Product Manager
Job Description

The product manager job description clarifies the key tasks and responsibilities of the product management role in an organization.

The spectrum of the job will vary according to the particular industry, the product or group of products and the product life cycle however the primary functions, responsibilities and competencies required for the position are detailed in this job description. A product manager may be responsible for all or only certain of these tasks.



General Purpose

Responsible for managing the product throughout the product lifecycle from planning to execution in support of organizational strategy and objectives.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

Research and Analysis

  • research and analyze market conditions
  • identify key competitor and consumer trends
  • articulate market requirements and opportunities
  • identify opportunities for product innovation and product enhancements
  • work with research regarding product development

Product Planning and Management

  • determine product specifications
  • define the long term strategy of the product and create product road map
  • prepare product documents including Market Requirement Documents and product use cases to drive product activity
  • develop pricing strategies and product policies
  • determine product packaging solutions
  • negotiate with suppliers
  • oversee product development
  • manage and communicate with cross functional teams

Product Marketing

  • develop product marketing plan and event campaigns to generate product awareness and demand
  • plan product launch
  • liaise with advertising and public relations to promote product
  • support sales and marketing with the necessary product knowledge and technical expertise
  • conduct product presentations
  • develop sales tools and sales training material
  • provide input for marketing collateral development
  • supply sales with latest research and marketing information
  • implement marketing plan in conjunction with all departments
  • drive ongoing improvement in sales and  profitability

Customer and End-User Support

  • manage product-related support, feedback and inquiries from users
  • co-ordinate market research to track customer and end-user feedback
  • monitor product inventory
  • use market feedback to inform product refinements and ongoing development

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • advanced degree an advantage
  • previous product management or related experience
  • quantitative and business analysis skills
  • knowledge of marketing principles and practices
  • knowledge of business and management principles and practices
  • project management skills
  • proficient in relevant software applications

Key Competencies

  • communication skills
  • problem analysis and solving
  • strategic thinking/planning
  • organizational and planning skills
  • judgment and decision making skills
  • attention to detail
  • negotiating skills
  • team player
  • creativity
  • stress tolerance
  • customer orientation
  • presentation skills

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Latest Update - Product Manager Salary

According to the average salary for Product Manager (unspecified type) jobs in the US is $97,100 as of November 2018.

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