Response to Interview Schedule Email

Your response to interview schedule email should be both professional and enthusiastic.  Find out exactly how to reply to an interview invitation with an email that is courteous, clear and concise and make a great impression from the word go.

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8 top tips for writing a response to interview schedule email

1. Reply Promptly

It is advisable to respond as soon as possible after you receive the interview invitation, the same day is best. To ensure a prompt reply you need to check your emails regularly, including spam folders.

A quick response highlights your interest in the job together with your respect for the employer's time.

2. Your email subject line

Include the job title and your full name in the email subject line along with the words "interview confirmation".

Subject:  Interview Confirmation Job Title - Your Name

3. Your Greeting

When addressing the reader it is best to keep it formal. Use salutations such as "Dear ..." , rather than "Hi".

In most cases, use the hiring manager’s title (e.g., Mr., Ms.) and last name in the greeting. If you have established a close personal relationship with the individual or the employer has signed off using only his or her first name in the interview invitation, first names are acceptable.

4. Express your gratitude

Show your appreciation for the invitation to the job interview. Thank the hiring manager, or whoever you are dealing with, at the start of your email and briefly reiterate your thanks at the end of your email.

5. Be Courteous, Clear and Concise

Keep the email concise and clear,  generally a couple of short and well-written paragraphs is sufficient.

This is enough to confirm the place, date and time of your interview and show gratitude for the invitation and opportunity. This initial response to the interview invitation is also a suitable time to ask if you need to bring anything with you.

You may have questions you want to ask, however unless they are directly related to the logistics of your interview these can generally be saved for the actual job interview. 

6. Keep it professional

Use proper spelling , grammar and punctuation. Avoid emojis, slang, excessive exclamation points and abbreviations.

7. Closing the email

When closing your email thank the employer again for the opportunity to interview.  Use the more formal "Sincerely" or "Kind regards" to sign off.

Include your full name and email signature, if possible, at the end of the email plus your contact details.

8. Make sure your email is error-free

Carefully proofread your email to catch any typos and mistakes. Good tips for accurate proofreading include:

  • reading the email out loud
  • reading your email backwards
  • asking someone else to check for you

Your email reflects your professional communication skills and any errors will be noticed.

Sample response to interview schedule email

This interview email response is brief, to the point, and covers all the necessary details. It provides a professional tone and highlights your eagerness to attend an interview.

Subject line:  Interview confirmation for Job Title - Your Name

Dear Mrs Jones:

Thank you for inviting me to interview for the (job title) at ABC Company. I want to confirm that I am available to meet with you at your offices in (location) on (Day, Date) at (time).

Please let me know if you require any additional information prior to our meeting and if there is anything in particular I should bring with me.

I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and look forward to learning more about the position.


Your Name

Email signature

Contact Details

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If you are meeting with someone other than the person to whom you are writing the email, it is advisable to include the name of that individual. For example:

"I can confirm that I will be available to meet with Mr John Smith at your offices in (location) on (day, date) at (time)."

How to respond to a Zoom interview invitation

Subject:  Zoom Interview Confirmation for Job Title, Your Name

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you very much for the invitation to interview for the [job title] position. I look forward to our Zoom meeting on Monday, the 19th, at 9:30 AM.

I would like to confirm  that the URL and password for our Zoom meeting  will be provided to me on the day before the interview via email. Please let me know if you require any additional information prior to our meeting.

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Kind regards,

Your Name

Your Contact Details

Response to interview schedule email when you have a scheduling conflict

It is always a good idea to try and reschedule your commitments to be available for the  job interview.  However, if you are working and your schedule is not flexible, or you have an appointment that cannot be changed, most employers will accommodate your situation.

In your email it is important to express your willingness to find a solution that works for everyone. Offer a couple of alternative date and time slots so the interviewer knows exactly when you are available. Do not just ask the interviewer to suggest another time as it may also not be suitable and this will frustrate both of you.

Sample interview rescheduling email

Subject: Interview for Job Title - Your Name

Dear Mr. Jones

Thank you for inviting me to interview for the Job Title at ABC Company.

Unfortunately, due to a prior work commitment, I am unavailable at (time) on (Day, Date). Is it possible to meet on the (Day, Date) anytime in the morning or on (Day, Date) afternoon? If not, please let me know when you are available and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting you.

Thank you again for your consideration and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Your Name

Contact Details

How to Reschedule an Interview

How to respond to an interview request by phone

You might receive an email asking you to call the potential employer’s office to schedule an interview. Once you have called, you should send a brief confirmation email.

Subject: Job Title Interview Confirmation, Your Name

Dear Ms. Wade,

As per our discussion this afternoon I look forward to our meeting at your offices on (Day, Date) at (time).

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information prior to the interview.

I am excited to learn more about the position and I am grateful for this opportunity.


Your Name

Contact details

What else can I include in my response to interview schedule email

A confirmation email can also be an opportunity to ask logistical questions you might have about the interview such as where the office is located, who you will be speaking with during the interview and what specifically you need to bring with you to the interview.

However, stick to questions about the interview process and avoid asking questions that are more appropriate for the job interview itself.

If you are interviewing through a recruiter you can ask your recruiter any questions you have about the job interview.

What is the best time for an interview?

Find out the best times and days to schedule you job interview.

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What to do before your job interview

There are a number of tried and tested ways to prepare for your job interview and to make the most of your opportunity.

Start researching and get as much relevant information as possible before your interview. Use reliable resources and use this information to prepare a list of smart questions to ask in your interview

Practice answering interview questions. Think about how you'd respond to common interview questions and job-specific interview questions.

Choose your interview clothes. Give yourself enough time to select an appropriate outfit and make sure it is clean and pressed before your interview.

Plan your commute. Work out how long it will take you to get to the interview and make sure you leave yourself ample time to get there.

If your interview is virtual, check your equipment and set up your environment. Zoom Interview Guide

Job Interview Checklist

How to accept an invitation to a second interview

Excellent concrete examples of how to respond when you are asked back for a second interview.

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How to cancel an interview email

Examples of emails to cancel an interview once you have already accepted the invitation.  If you accepted another job offer or have stopped your job search it is important to politely and promptly cancel any job interviews you have scheduled.

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How to decline an interview

There are many reasons you might want to turn down a job interview.  If you’re applying for many different  jobs, there’s a good chance you’ll get an interview request that you prefer to decline. Find out how to reject a job interview invitation in a gracious and professional manner.

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