Sales Interview Tips and Questions

How to prepare for your sales interview. An easy-to-use guide to the different types of interview questions for sales jobs and how to answer these questions successfully.

Excellent sales interview tips that set you apart from the competition. 

Use the sales job interview as an opportunity to sell yourself as the right candidate for the job opportunity.

Be well prepared and come across as a confident and competent sales professional.

Interview Questions for Sales Jobs

1. Competency Based Sales Interview Questions

The sales job interview will include behavioral interview questions that explore the key competencies needed for success in a sales job.

Expect behavioral questions around your:

  • adaptability
  • resilience
  • persuasiveness
  • motivation
  • negotiation
  • presentation skills

A complete guide on how to answer these behavioral or competency-based interview questions can be found at sales behavioral interview questions

2. Typical Sales Job Interview Questions

Prepare for these common interview questions for sales jobs.

What do you like and dislike about the sales job?

What is your psychology of selling?

What are the key skills for success in sales?

and the old favorite - Sell me this product.

Plan good answers to these frequently asked interview questions using the sample sales interview answers here

3. Sales Techniques and Practices

Prepare for interview questions that explore your knowledge and application of sales principles and practices such as:

  • handling objections
  • qualifying prospects
  • closing the sale
  • when to walk away from the customer

Answer guidelines for these interview questions can be found at sales job interview questions and answers

4. Questions About Customer Service

Plan for interview questions that explore your approach to and understanding of customer service. This is a key element to sales success.

View these type of sales interview questions with answer guidelines at customer service interview questions

5 Top Sales Interview Tips

1. Preparing for your Sales Interview

When preparing for you interview it is important to find out as much as possible about the company. Just as a good sales person has comprehensive knowledge of the client so should the job candidate.

You can conduct background research on the company using the resources listed at preparing for a job interview. This lists both online and offline research resources that are free and easy to use.

Know what sort of information to look for and how to effectively use it in your job interview.

2. Ask Good Questions

Plan insightful and pertinent sales interview questions to ask the employer. Choose the right job interview question to ask from this list of possible questions to ask in your interview.

Asking the right questions helps to uncover company and job needs so you can better highlight why you are the best candidate for the sales job.

It also demonstrates that you have given the job opportunity considerable thought and attention.

3. Bring Supporting Evidence

It is a good idea to take evidence of your suitability with you to the interview. Present documents that attest to your success such as client letters, sales reports, certificates and awards.

4. Create Rapport in Your Interview

The interviewer will be looking at how you communicate in the interview situation to assess your skill in controlling a sales situation. Show your ability to manage a situation by having good interview answers prepared and by asking questions at appropriate times during the interview process.

Your interview body language should convey confidence and control.

Communication skills are key to success in a sales job. Use the communications tips for interviews to come across as an excellent communicator.

5. Close the Sales Interview Successfully

At the end of the interview process take control and close properly. Ask if there is any other information the company requires. Express enthusiasm and commitment.

Ask for specific details of the next step and make sure you stay informed. Get help with how to close the sales job interview.

Always send a sales interview thank you email after your job interview. Sales Interview Follow Up Email

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Impress in the sales interview and get the sales job you want!

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