Job Interview Checklist

Use the practical job interview checklist of what you need to do before your interview. You want to be sure that you are properly prepared and confident of succeeding in your job interview.

This checklist takes the candidate through the complete interview preparation process from what to take with you to the interview to how to answer standard interview questions.

We have everything covered for you.

Tick the boxes of this job interview checklist and be ready for success...

Follow the checklist carefully and you can be confident that you have the interview covered.

This is what you should put in your briefcase or portfolio to take with you to your job interview. (Remember to clean out your briefcase or bag first, you don't want irrelevant papers flying around when you are trying to retrieve documents from it!)

What do you need to bring to a job interview?

The full name and address of the company, the department or building where your interview is, the name and position of the contact person/interviewer and contact number.

Good directions. Get these by calling the company, they usually have a standard set of directions they can email you or they can tell you on the phone. You can also use a map site such as Google Maps or use the app on your phone. Make sure you know where you can park. If you are taking public transport have your route worked out.

Put in a couple of copies of your resume. Although the company already has a copy you may need to give another copy to the interviewer or interviewers. Take this opportunity to read through your resume again and note any red flags that will have to be dealt with during the interview. Prepare your job interview answers to tough questions about gaps in employment, reason for leaving and salary.

Include copies of the letters of recommendation or written job references you have. Have copies of your job references list ready, the interviewer may ask for this during the job interview. Include work samples if relevant.

Pen and paper. Taking a few notes during your interview shows you are listening closely. Include your business card if you have one. If you are going to a panel interview make sure you have enough to give each member of the panel a business card.

Take a copy of the job posting or any details of the position that you have. You may want to refer to this during the interview. Include your company background research. Review the information that you have put together about the organization and the job and consider how you will use it in your interview.

Put in the job interview question list you have prepared to ask the interviewer. You should have at least five insightful questions about the job, the company, and management ready to ask. Read through these questions and feel confident about asking them.

What to bring to a job interview

Go through your interview checklist once again to check you have everything.

Once you have prepared your portfolio, do the following on your job interview checklist.

Your interview checklist - what to do before the interview

Visit the dress for an interview homepage and decide on the most appropriate clothes to wear to your interview. Take out the clothes you plan to wear and make sure they are clean and pressed. Shoes should be polished. Select the accessories you want to wear. Lay your outfit out ready for the next day.

Go through your prepared answers to common job interview questions including What are your strengths? Why are you the right candidate for this job? Tell me about yourself? Get ready for the most frequently asked interview questions using the sample interview answers.

You are likely to be asked a number of behavioral interview questions. Prepare using the behavioral interview questions guide and practice your possible responses. The objective now is not to memorize your answers but to review them and be familiar and confident with them.

Try to practice your responses out loud. Ask a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you. Ask for constructive feedback. Use this excellent mock job interview to practice for the real thing.

Read through these job interview tips to help you feel confident about your interview.

What should you do the day of your interview?

Make sure you have something nutritious to eat for breakfast on the day of your interview, you don't want your stomach rumbling or to feel hungry during your interview.

Get into the right head space and find out how to overcome interview anxiety with these simple but effective techniques. Your excellent interview preparation should ensure that you feel confident.

What are the most frequently asked questions in an interview?

Be ready for common interview questions. The good sample interview answers will guide you to success.

interview questions

Top 10 Interview Questions

interview questions

Behavioral Interview Questions

interview questions

Hard Interview Questions

This handy interview checklist is a sure way of knowing that you have done everything you need to be ready to win in your job interview.

What should you do after your interview?

Find out how to close your interview and how to follow up properly after your interview.

How to Close the Interview

Job Interview Follow Up

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This complete job interview guide lists interview questions and answers for over 30 different job-types.

Be the best prepared job candidate.

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