Mock Job Interview

Use this mock job interview to practice for the real thing. The more you practice the better prepared and more confident you will be for your interview.

We have developed a realistic and easy-to-use mock interview script. Select the right person to help you conduct your mock interview.

Key to a productive mock job interview is constructive feedback. The feedback guide after each section ensures the feedback you receive is relevant and helpful.

We recommend you go through each section of the mock interview role play, stop and discuss the feedback before moving on to the next section. This way the feedback is immediate and you can make good use of it to improve as you proceed through the job interview.

Mock Job Interview Guide 
10 Essential Steps

1. Have on hand for your mock interview

  • your company research
  • copies of your resume and cover letter
  • a list of job references
  • notebook and pen
  • work samples if relevant

Know how to research the company before your interview.

Be ready with everything you might need with this interview checklist

2. Introduction

The interviewer introduces him or herself to the candidate.

Feedback  - Does the candidate respond confidently and 

  • use a firm handshake
  • make direct eye contact and smile
  • use the interviewer's name in greeting eg. "I am pleased to meet you, Mrs Jones"
  • wait to be asked to sit down
  • puts documents on the table rather than on his or her lap

3. Make small talk

The interviewer attempts to put the candidate at ease with some small talk such as "Did you find us easily?" or a comment about the weather.

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • sit upright but not too stiffly in the chair
  • lean forward very slightly to show interest
  • answer these informal questions confidently
  • begin positively by not complaining about the journey or traffic
  • thank the interviewer for the opportunity to discuss the job

4. Discuss the company and position

After some small talk the interviewer begins by briefly discussing the company, the department and the position itself.

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • listen attentively and not interrupt
  • display appropriate, interested, body language
  • use the opportunity at the end of this description to demonstrate their research on the company with a relevant comment such as "I was interested to read that you are opening 3 new branches this year"

5. Ask common mock job interview questions

The interviewer asks standard interview questions starting with these top 6 interview questions:

"Tell me about yourself"

"What interests you about this position?"

"What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

"Where do you see yourself in five years ?"

"What has been your greatest achievement to date?"

"Why should we hire you?"

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • answer fluently and confidently
  • provide concise and clear answers
  • make the answers relevant to the position
  • display a good understanding of the job tasks and responsibilities
  • display a good understanding of the company requirements

Get help with this standard part of the job interview at mock job interview questions and answers.

Best interview answers for your mock job interview

Sample best interview answers can be found at:

Tell me about yourself

Why should we hire you?

List of workplace strengths

List of workplace weaknesses

Your future goals?

Reason for leaving your job?

6. Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

"How have you established your work priorities in your previous job?"

"Tell me about a recent time you had to solve a difficult problem in your job"

"Describe a situation where you were not satisfied with your work performance. What did you do?"

"Describe a time when you contributed more than required to the team"

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • understand the concept of behavioral interview questions
  • provide a relevant and concise behavioral example quickly and clearly
  • outline the steps the candidate personally took to reach a positive outcome
  • provide a valid example that shows evidence of the required competency

You can find a complete guide to behavioral interview questions with good sample behavioral answers at the behavioral interview guide

7. Ask some difficult interview questions

These will explore red flags in your resume such as gaps in employment, lay offs and dismissals.

Feedback -Does the candidate

  • stay calm when answering tough interview questions
  • use the right tone of voice and not get defensive
  • give concise responses
  • adequately explain to the interviewer about the problem area

Get help with answering difficult interview questions at job interview answers to tricky questions.

Hard Interview Questions

8. Ask the candidate if he or she has any questions

At this point the interviewer asks if you have any questions you want to ask.

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • have about 5 good questions ready to ask
  • not ask for information that has already been provided during the interview
  • asks questions that show he or she has thought about the company and the job opportunity
  • avoid the wrong type of questions such as those about benefits and salary

This list of the right job interview questions to ask will help you prepare for this part of the mock job interview.

9. Close the interview

The interviewer thanks the candidate and indicates what the next step in the hiring process is.

Feedback - Does the candidate

  • make a positive closing statement like "I am excited about this opportunity and believe my experience and enthusiasm will add value to your company"
  • ask the interviewer if there are any issues still to be addressed
  • thank the interviewer for their time

Know what to say to close the job interview.

10. Provide general feedback for a mock job interview

Does the candidate

Your pre- interview checklist

Have everything ready for your job interview. Use this interview checklist to be sure you've got it covered.

Job interview guides for every position

Interview questions and answers for specific jobs can be found at job interview guides

Improve your chances of success with a mock job interview. Keep practicing till you feel ready and confident of acing the actual interview!

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