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Employment Background Check

The information disclosed in an employment background check may determine whether or not you get the job offer.

There has been a steep increase in recent years in pre-employment background screening conducted by employers.

This is for a number of reasons including an increased awareness of the amount of inaccurate information provided by job candidates. Current estimates suggest that up to 40 percent of resumes include false or inflated information.

What is the need for employment background checks?

These are the main reasons employers conduct background checks.

  • the current emphasis on security and identity-verification
  • the increasing cost of a bad hiring decision, both to a company's budget and reputation
  • the increased scrutiny that management is now subject to following a number of high-profile corporate scandals
  • Federal and state laws require background checks for specific jobs including various government positions

What do companies look for in a background check for employment?

A background check is a common term used to describe one or a number of reports collected about a candidate for employment purposes. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) defines a background check as a consumer report.

The report can vary from just checking a social security number to an in-depth investigation of education, criminal, credit, social and lifestyle history. It usually includes employment history background checks including job references.

Typically, this report includes criminal histories and credit reports. More frequently employers are requesting driving records and verification of education and qualifications.

To be covered by the FCRA the report must be prepared by a Consumer Reporting Agency.

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What must the employer do before employment background screening?

Before an employer can get a consumer report for hiring purposes they must notify the candidate in writing and get the candidate's written permission to conduct the employment background screening.

If the employer decides not to employ the candidate on the basis of the report they are required to disclose this to the candidate and provide a copy of the report.

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