What is a Panel Interview?

The panel interview can be intimidating! Know what to expect and prepare to handle the interview in a professional and winning way.

These type of job interviews are often considered a more time-efficient process for the employer. A number of those involved in the decision-making process from different parts of the organization can interview the candidate at the same time, only one job interview is needed.

What to Expect and How to Survive the Panel Interview

Find out what happens during this interview, how to handle it and be ready to face the panel.

What is a panel interview?

  • Each panel member will take turns to ask questions relevant to their interests and after the interview the candidate can be discussed and rated from each member's perspective.
  • Job interviews conducted by a panel are seen to be fair and valid as a number of different opinions and views are taken into consideration when making the hiring decision.
  • These interviews are considered to be an effective way to determine how well the candidate handles stress and how the candidate interacts with a diverse range of individuals. Find out how to control interview anxiety
  • These type of job interviews are more likely to be used in larger organizations where the position reports to a number of different people or has multiple supervisors.
  • This interview tends to be more detailed, thorough and rigorous than a one-to-one interview as the candidate faces questions from different experts reflecting the different interests of each panel member.

Who will be on the panel?

Usually it is a mixture of relevant specialists - human resources,technical experts, line managers and can vary in number anywhere from 2 to 8 people.

  • Try to find out beforehand who will be on the panel and make sure you know their names and job titles prior to the interview.
  • Don't be afraid of phoning the company, usually the human resources department, and asking for this information.
  • When preparing for a job interview do your company research to determine where they fit in the organization and what their perspectives and interests are likely to be.
  • Each panelist will have a different role to play during the interview. For example, human resources will be checking that the candidate is a good fit with the company culture and people.
  • The line manager will want to know about the candidate's ability to perform in the job, the job-related skills and abilities that they bring to the position.
  • The technical experts will be determining if the candidate has the necessary technical expertise.

How to prepare for a panel interview

These interviews tend to be formal and organized with a standard set of questions for all candidates.

  • Prepare as you would for a one-to-one interview.
  • Research the company, prepare good answers to common interview questions and formulate the questions you want to ask in the interview, keeping in mind the different individuals you will be talking to.

How to make a good impression in your panel interview

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Essential Panel Interview Tips

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