Your Teacher Interview Guide to Success

This teacher interview guide covers all aspects of the teaching job interview. Know what to expect in your next teaching job interview, how to prepare thoroughly and be confident of getting the teacher job you want.

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From common teaching interview questions and answers to practical tips and techniques for job interview success plus teacher job search resources, you will find it all here.

Select the information and help you need to secure the teaching position that best suits you.

Typical interview questions for teachers

Prepare for teaching interview questions about your instructional and planning skills.

These include questions about your teaching style, the development and implementation of lesson plans and the effective organization of your classroom.

Use the sample teacher interview answers to formulate your own job-winning interview answers.

Interview questions about classroom management and discipline

Core to successful teaching is your ability to:

  • manage the classroom
  • introduce discipline
  • build good relationships with both the students and parents

View teaching interview questions and answers about classroom management and discipline, student relationships and parent contact.

Interview questions about subject knowledge and teaching techniques

The teacher's subject knowledge and the ability to integrate technology into the lesson to enhance learning are explored using these teaching interview questions about your subject knowledge and technological skills for the specific teaching position.

Find standard questions that explore your knowledge of the school district in question.

What motivates you to be a teacher?

Enthusiasm and self motivation are core competencies in teaching. Use the answer guides to prepare for questions about your personal motivation and personal qualities for teaching.


What motivates you to be a teacher?


Describe your teaching style


Your strengths as a teacher?

Find out how to answer teacher interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

Behavioral interview questions for teachers

Teacher Core Competencies  - list on blackboard image

You can expect questions that explore the core teacher competencies required for successful teaching.

These include competencies or behaviors such as problem-solving and judgment, adaptability and high energy levels.

Find out more at behavioral interview questions for teachers

Good questions to ask in your teaching interview

Once you have prepared for these interview questions it is important to formulate the questions you want answers to.

By asking the right questions in your teaching interview you will both impress with your planning and preparation and get the information you need to decide if this is the right match for you.

View good Teaching Interview Questions to Ask

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Teacher interview tips

These are the teacher interview tips that will help you land that teaching job.

Your teacher portfolio is an essential part of your job interview. It provides proof of your abilities as a teacher and supports your interview answers.

After your teacher interview

Follow up after your interview with a thank you note. Use the sample interview thank you letter to help you with this.

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