8 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers that Get the Job

Teacher interview questions and answers to prepare for success. Be ready to impress as the best person for the teacher job opportunity and secure the teaching position you want.

Expect teacher interview questions that explore your experience in classroom management and discipline, student relationships and parent contact.

These are key areas of responsibility in any teaching position and you can expect to be asked a number of questions that evaluate your skills and abilities in these areas.

These answer guidelines will help you to prepare winning interview answers that relate directly to your own work experiences.

Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

How have you handled a situation where a student is consistently late to your class?

This teacher interview question is designed to see how you handle a problem in your classroom. Your answer should highlight your ability to deal immediately with a potential issue in a calm and controlled manner.

Include details about questioning the student to find out the underlying cause of the problem, explaining the negative impact of his/her behavior to the student and coming to an agreed commitment to appropriate behavior in the future.

How do you handle discipline problems in the classroom? Give me an example.

Teachers regularly experience various types of disruptive student behavior, from the frustrating but relatively minor problem of talking during class, to more challenging problems, like students confronting the authority of the teacher.

Provide a specific example and in your answer show your ability to have planned ahead for such instances by having measures in place and a clear action plan to deal with serious discipline problems.

Support any disciplinary action you took with reasons as to why it was effective and why you used it. The interviewers are looking for an effective classroom behavior management plan.

Describe your discipline philosophy.

With teacher interview questions and answers like this it is a good idea to have a well organized statement about your approach to discipline.

Your interview answer will depend on your teaching style, the position (including age group) you are interviewing for and your past experience.

Do some research about this school or district's approach to discipline so that you are on the same page with your answer. Provide a clear and concise statement and back it up with examples.

"The purpose of discipline is to facilitate learning and foster better relationships and respect between the students. It is also intended to help students become more self-directed, self-disciplined and accountable for their behavior.

I have found that students respond poorly to forceful discipline but well to discipline that is helpful. My philosophy is to provide clear limits and rules that are communicated to the students so that they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. The rules are discussed and agreed upon to encourage accountability from the students........."

Tell me about your classroom management style.

Your answer should demonstrate how you achieve effective student management and control. Include aspects such as monitoring, modeling, environmental control and reinforcement. Explain how you are able to adapt your style according to the situation. Provide examples.

Describe your teaching style

Tell me about a student who was not progressing satisfactorily in your class, what steps did you take?

This question explores your ability to foster motivation in students. Provide a specific example and demonstrate why it worked for this particular student.

Support your answer by describing other instances where you managed to motivate and encourage students using different methods.

Focus on analyzing each situation and developing an understanding of the student's issues, using the most appropriate method and resources to deal with the situation and the outcome.

How do you build rapport with your class?

Teacher interview questions and answers about establishing rapport should include an understanding of the role of rapport in contributing to effective teaching.

Demonstrate what behaviors you use to develop rapport such as sense of humor, showing interest in the students, availability, encouragement and relating lessons in everyday terms and examples that are relevant to the students.

Give examples of how you have demonstrated these behaviors in the classroom such as finding out something about your students' interests, hobbies, and aspirations.

How do you give your students recognition and positive reinforcement?

Focus on developing self-worth by providing honest and effective encouragement and valuation.

Include aspects such as acknowledging the student's efforts as well as accomplishments, the words and language you use, awareness of your body language and adapting the reinforcement to meet the particular needs of the student.

 Provide specific examples to support your answer.

How do you communicate with a parent about a student's performance?

Interview answers should demonstrate your ability to work together with parents to help and assist students, to encourage parents to provide the right support and environment for optimal learning and your ability to remain non-defensive and positive. Again support your answer with examples.

Prepare for teacher interview questions and answers that explore other areas of teaching competence.

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What questions should I ask in my teaching job interview?

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Asking the right questions in your interview sets you apart as a committed job candidate who has spent time preparing for the interview.

Prepare for your interview using these teacher interview questions and answers.

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