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The job interview is one of the most important opportunities in a person's life. Over 2000 hours a year is a lot of time to spend at a job that is not right for you! But how much coaching and advice do candidates actually get before they go on the interview? Our research shows that most candidates are poorly prepared for job interviews.

With the competition for jobs more intense than ever it is vital to have effective interviewing skills to stand out from the crowd. This website is a collaborative project to provide comprehensive and free resources for job seekers.

A group of experienced professionals have put their heads together to determine the essential information needed to successfully job search to get the job interview and to succeed in the job interview. The goal is to help and advise the candidate every step of the way to getting the job they want.

The coordinator of best-job-interview.com is Julia Penny. An Organizational Psychologist and Human Resources Professional, she has over 20 years experience in recruitment and interviewing and employee and career development. Having recruited, interviewed and placed literally thousands of candidates in a wide range of jobs she provides an insider's perspective on exactly what it takes to excel in a job interview and find the right job.

We are constantly reviewing and updating our information to make sure you are getting what you need to win that job offer. If you have any comments and suggestions please contact us. We welcome your input.

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