Teaching Job Description Samples

Choose the teaching job description you need.

Each job description template clearly and comprehensively lists the core duties and responsibilities for the specific teaching position. The required competencies, qualifications and skills are detailed according to the demands of each teaching job.

Teaching job application help includes sample job descriptions, resume and cover letters. Teaching job interview help includes sample interview questions and answers and teacher interview tips.

Both employers and teaching job candidates will gain valuable help from these practical job description examples.

Teaching Job Descriptions

General Teacher

A generic teaching job description that lists the key duties and responsibilities of a teaching professional across a range of age groups, grades and subjects.

The overall purpose of a teacher is to plan and implement an effective learning program within a secure and encouraging learning environment in order to help students develop their potential.

Find the full list of job tasks and requirements at teaching job description.

Teacher Resumes

Teacher Interview Guide

Kindergarten Teacher

The key responsibility of a kindergarten teacher is to instruct children in the basic skills of numbers, letters, social sciences, art, music and acceptable behavior, resulting in the appropriate development of the child in the kindergarten phase.

The kindergarten teacher job description provides a comprehensive outline of the professional duties and skills of this position.

Kindergarten Teacher Resume

Special Education Teacher

A complex and demanding teaching job that requires specific competencies and skills. These teachers plan, prescribe and provide individualized learning programs and instruction for moderate to severe needs students in both integrated and self-contained educational settings.

The special education teacher job description provides a clear understanding of this specialized function.

Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

Art Teacher

Clear description of the tasks and responsibilities for both elementary and secondary level art teachers.

Art Teacher Job Description

Art Teacher Resume

English Teacher

Easy-to-use job description for an English teacher. Can be adapted for various grade levels.

English Teacher Job Description

Teaching Assistant

Also referred to as a classroom assistant, teacher aide or education assistant, the function remains the same - to support the lead teacher in optimizing the functioning of each student.

Teaching Assistant Job Description

Teaching Assistant Resume

Teaching Assistant Interviews

Teacher Resumes and Cover Letters

Sample teaching resumes for job seekers to adapt for their own use.

Teaching job candidates should send a well-written and persuasive resume with each application to present a professional image. A properly structured resume is easier for a potential employer to go through than an application form.

Your resume provides an opportunity to highlight your areas of expertise as an educator. This teacher resume is an excellent starting point.

Teaching Resume Objective

Free Teacher Resume Templates

Teacher Cover Letter

Promote yourself with a convincing and relevant cover letter for your resume or job application. A good cover letter ensures a productive job search and gives you that extra edge in a competitive job market. Focus on what you offer and what makes you an excellent teacher.

Use this teacher cover letter as a guide for writing your own impressive cover letter.

English Teacher Cover Letter

Teacher Job Interviews

Be well prepared for your  job interview by going through these teacher interview questions and answers.


Teacher Interview Guide


Teacher Interview Questions

These interview questions explore the core skills and abilities of the teaching professional including:

  • instructional and planning skills
  • classroom management
  • subject knowledge
  • technology skills
  • personal motivation
  • behavioral competencies

Teacher Interview Tips

Teacher Interview Thank You Letter

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

10 top tips for finding a teaching job

  • keep your teacher portfolio up-to-date and well organized.
  • keep your resume current and adapt it for each specific teaching opportunity to make it job-relevant.
  • make the most of every networking opportunity and keep in contact with ex-colleagues.
  • be flexible about learning and taking on new and extra duties and responsibilities, the more versatile you are the better your chances of securing a good teaching position
  • be proactive about your professional development, take every opportunity to increase your skill set.
  • consider substitute teaching jobs while you are looking for a permanent position. This can provide good networking opportunities.
  • find out about local job fairs for teachers and go along with a positive attitude, copies of your resume and cover letter and your job references.
  • be sure to follow up on your resume and job application and stay in the loop.
  • be well prepared for your teaching job interview and impress as the right job candidate.
  • after your interview write a thank you letter and reinforce the impression that you are a professional and committed teacher job candidate.

This job description template can be used to develop your own teaching job description.

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