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Sample teaching assistant job description also refers to the classroom assistant job description. Teaching assistants may be called teacher aides and education assistants.

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The key responsibilities and the job requirements for this position are clearly listed and remain constant regardless of the title.


General Purpose

A teaching assistant works alongside the classroom teacher, providing support and reinforcement through working with individual students or small groups of students. The objective of this role is to maximize the functioning of each student under the direction of the lead teacher.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • reinforce lessons presented by the classroom teacher by reviewing material with students individually or in groups
  • provide additional learning support to students where identified
  • develop learning programs for individual needs and adapt appropriate materials accordingly
  • deliver customized learning activities to students either individually or in groups
  • monitor and support the social and emotional needs of students
  • assist with the development of lesson plans and learning materials to meet curriculum requirements and individual student needs
  • help teachers prepare for lessons by getting materials ready, setting up equipment and arranging the classroom environment
  • assists the classroom teacher in directly observing and recording behavior
  • help maintain order in the classroom by ensuring students adhere to accepted rules and regulations
  • maintain the classroom environment in an organized and orderly manner to ensure an optimal learning experience
  • create displays of the students' work and other classroom displays
  • assist with maintaining student records including attendance and grades
  • assist the classroom teacher with grading tests, correcting work and checking homework
  • collaborate regularly with staff members to chart the progress of each child
  • provide feedback to the classroom teacher on the student's progress and development
  • keep parents informed about their child's development and schedule
  • assist with supervision of students in class, between classes and during recess
  • help with extracurricular activities, school events and field trips
  • stand in for a teacher who is absent

Education and Experience

  • Associate or higher degree from an accredited college/university an advantage
  • a valid state-relevant paraprofessional certification
  • knowledge of current state regulations regarding school proficiency standards
  • solid understanding of child development
  • experience of working with children

Key Skills and Competencies

  • communication skills - verbal and written
  • group facilitation skills
  • effective relationship building skills
  • high energy levels
  • patience
  • adaptability
  • respect for diversity
  • team work skills
  • organizational and planning skills

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