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How to write a student teacher letter of recommendation.

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A credible letter of recommendation for a student teacher should be written by someone who is qualified to comment on the applicant's teaching skills and abilities. This can include

  • professors who have supervised the student teacher's coursework or practicum and can evaluate their academic performance and knowledge of the subject matter
  • cooperating teachers/ supervisors /certified teachers who mentor and supervise  student teachers doing their teaching practice. They are able to provide a detailed assessment of the student teacher's performance in the classroom.
  • educators who have interacted or worked with the student teacher including  department heads, educators, school administrators and principals.

Employers rely on the letter of recommendation to provide valuable insight and an objective evaluation of the student teacher's suitability and readiness for the teaching position.

Before you start writing your student teacher letter of recommendation

  • ask the applicant for a copy of the job description or job posting for the teacher position so you know what to focus on in your letter. Take note of the responsibilities and skill and competency requirements for the position. If it is a more general recommendation ask the individual what sort of teaching positions and schools they are interested in
  • ask the applicant for a copy of their resume to fully familiarize yourself with their credentials and accomplishments
  • make sure you are aware of any submission guidelines for your recommendation. Ask the applicant for any information pertaining to this and closely follow the submission requirements including the format for the recommendation and how to submit it

5 steps to write a good student teacher letter of recommendation

1. Salutation

Address the recipient by using  Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms or if you don't have their name then use "to whom it may concern"

2. Introduction

Introduce yourself and explain why you are qualified to write this letter of recommendation for the applicant. Include the name of the applicant and immediately state your belief in the candidate's strengths as a teacher by using phrases such as "I unequivocally recommend Janet Green" or "I am fully confident of Janet's abilities as a teacher". 

Include details of the applicant's teaching experience such as:

  • grade level, school, school district
  • type of students
  • length of assignment

3. Your recommendation

Describe the student teacher's strengths, skills, accomplishments and competencies as they relate directly to the teaching job opportunity.

4. Include examples

Support your evaluation of the applicant with specific examples of how the person has demonstrated the skill, strength or behavior in the classroom setting. In addition to your observations you can quantify the applicant's results to provide proof of  competency.

5. Closing

Close your letter by summarizing what makes the individual a stand-out applicant for the teaching job and restating your confidence in recommending them. Include your contact details and offer your availability to answer any further questions they may have.

Ending your letter with a sentence such as "If you would like additional information please feel free to contact me," presents the recipient with an opportunity to obtain any further  information they are looking for.

Sample student teacher letter of recommendation


Recipient Name

Recipient Title

Recipient Address

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms

It is with full confidence that I recommend Mr Chris Meyer for the (type of teaching position) in your district. Chris recently completed his (number of weeks) teaching practicum in my (Grade) class at (name of school). Chris was an exemplary student teacher, his positive attitude and conscientious approach made him a joy to work with.

Chris's energy and diligence were evident from the word go. Prior to his start date, Chris contacted me to confirm his responsibilities and what he needed to do beforehand. Chris's careful preparation for this practicum enabled a smooth and rapid transition into his student teacher role.

Chris is a thorough planner and the lessons he provided were well researched, detailed  and interesting. The students responded enthusiastically to both his in-depth subject knowledge and his creative use of technology and multimedia, resulting in the consistent achievement of learning outcomes.

Chris efficiently carried out a variety of standard student assessments, closely monitored the progress of the students and maintained detailed and accurate student records. His excellent communication skills were evident in the constructive manner that he provided feedback and reassurance to the students.

Chris was able to effectively adapt his approach to meet individual requirements within a very diverse student group. His strong classroom management skills flow from his ability to recognize the type of support and structure that different students require, particularly high need students. He was able to keep the students on-task with engaging and challenging projects and energetic encouragement.

His professional and enthusiastic approach to all his responsibilities earned him the respect of students, parents and fellow educators. Chris always volunteered to help out on field trips and assisted with numerous extra curricular activities. His ability to establish a good rapport with students was evident in both formal and informal settings.

Chris proved himself to be a dependable, innovative and motivated student teacher, who was keen to learn as much as possible and to perform to the best of his capabilities. I wholeheartedly recommend him for the teaching position and I am confident he will be a great asset to your school community. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Yours sincerely



Contact details

Top tips for writing a student letter of recommendation

  • avoid over-the-top descriptions and extreme statements, these often lack authenticity and can come across as insincere
  • provide an overall picture of the applicant's skills and experience rather than just focusing on a few specific incidents
  • use objective evaluations rather than how you personally felt about the student teacher
  • keep your letter of recommendation concise and to-the-point. Lengthy and rambling descriptions become tedious for the reader. The recipient has the opportunity to contact you for any further information they may need.

Skills and adjectives for a student letter of recommendation

When writing a letter of recommendation for a student teacher it is important to understand the  key skills and strengths of a good teacher. 

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Use these top 10 adjectives for a letter of recommendation to create the right impact.

How to write a good letter of recommendation

Use these top guidelines on how to write a good letter of recommendation.

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Starting a letter of recommendation

How you start your letter is key to establishing the credibility of your recommendation and confirming your support and endorsement of the applicant.

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How to close a letter of recommendation

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How to conclude your student teacher letter of recommendation to create a lasting impression.

Closing a letter of recommendation

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