Character Job Reference Example

A character job reference is used to recommend an individual for employment. It is more personal and less formal than an employment reference from a previous employer and is useful when the candidate has little or no formal work experience.

It is advisable to write character reference letters for employment with the specific job opportunity in mind. Highlight those skills and personal attributes that are relevant to the type of job the person is applying for.

Get hold of a copy of the job posting or use a job description to tailor the character job reference letter. You can make use of these job descriptions to help you.

Sample character job reference letter


To Whom It May Concern

I have known Lisa Green for over 5 years. She frequently babysits my two young children as well as pet sitting when we are on vacation.

Lisa has proven herself to be both reliable and honest. She is enthusiastic and energetic and always willing to go the extra mile. Lisa arranges stimulating games for my children to participate in, she creates interesting crafts with them and patiently assists them with their homework. In addition she transports them to activities and is well organized in ensuring that they are punctual and properly equipped.

Her confidence, excellent communication skills and courteous manner impress the people she interacts with. Lisa is flexible and quite prepared to adjust her schedule to accommodate our requirements.

Lisa is diligent in undertaking her pet sitting duties and takes it on herself to perform a number of extra tasks such as washing and grooming the dogs. She is a self-reliant person who uses her initiative to solve problems and meet challenges.

Lisa's combination of abilities and work ethic will prove an asset to any organization and I highly recommend her for employment. Please contact me should you require any further information.


Alice Herron

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What should a character job reference letter include?

Include those skills and strengths that make the individual a good job candidate. These are the attributes that contribute to successful job performance in a wide range of career fields.

They are the behaviors that employers look for in candidates. Use this list to customize your character reference.

organized   disciplined   reliable   dependable   motivated   team-player   flexible   adaptable   innovative   honest   trustworthy  integrity  enthusiastic  energetic   hard working   loyal   communication skills   problem-solving   initiative   conscientious  tenacious  quick to learn   responsible  creative  interpersonal skills

Research shows that the top 5 behaviors to highlight in a character reference are:

  • honesty
  • trustworthy
  • integrity
  • reliability
  • dependability

Key Job-Related Competencies

List of Job Skills

List of Workplace Strengths

Character reference letter examples

Sample Character Reference Letter from a teacher, principal, professor or coach.

Character Job Reference Letter from a business acquaintance or family friend.

Sample Personal Character Reference Letter  that provides an in-depth description of the individual.

Character Reference Tips

How to write a thank you for the reference email or letter

It is important to thank your references politely and professionally for their time and effort in providing your with a recommendation or reference.

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