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This job skills list provides practical help for writing resumes and cover letters as well as drawing up job descriptions.

Each career category includes a list of the standard functions, tasks, duties and skills associated with jobs that fall within the category. These include administrative jobs, accounting jobs, managerial positions and sales and marketing jobs.

List of Job Skills

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Your Essential Job Skills List

1. Administrative Jobs

The term "administration" is used to describe a variety of personnel in an organization ranging from filing clerks to executive assistants and there is a vast range of job skills associated with administration.

These are the core administrative functions in an organization.

  • create and maintain accurate databases
  • retrieve information quickly and efficiently
  • manage and complete multiple tasks accurately and by deadline
  • organize, schedule and plan meetings and appointments
  • take and distribute minutes of meetings within established time frames
  • display solid working knowledge of standard computer applications including MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • draft correspondence and documents using good language and grammar skills
  • plan and implement office procedures to improve efficiency
  • collect and review information to generate reports
  • handle queries and requests for information competently
  • monitor and maintain office supplies and equipment
  • communicate clearly and professionally with internal and external customers
  • work effectively as part of a team to achieve established outcomes
  • pay close attention to detail in all aspects of the job
  • make decisions using available resources and sound judgment
  • maintain confidentiality and discretion

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2. Accounting Jobs

Every accounting-related job has its own skill requirements. Those skills vary depending on the job-type, the company and the level of responsibility. This a list of job skills common to a number of accounting positions.

  • proficient in the Microsoft Office suite, particularly Excel 
  • familiar with with industry-specific software like FreshBooks, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP and tax preparation software
  • prepare accurate financial statements
  • interpret financial statements and other accounting reports
  • compile and analyze financial data to generate reports
  • develop efficient financial reporting mechanisms
  • plan and implement accounting controls
  • implement and monitor new accounting practices
  • review and upgrade existing systems to improve efficiency
  • evaluate and communicate financial information
  • analyze and resolve accounting issues
  • control and report on expenditure
  • work cooperatively with the team to achieve objectives
  • ensure strict adherence to regulations, procedures and practices

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3. Manager and Supervisory Job Skills List

Regardless of the company, industry or job level a manager is responsible for optimizing productivity to accomplish tasks and achieve objectives. This list of job skills is generic to most management positions.

  • establish realistic short and long-term goals and objectives
  • delegate tasks appropriately to employees
  • organize and allocate the right resources for task achievement
  • schedule and co-ordinate activities for maximum efficiency
  • effectively work with diverse staff members
  • empower staff members to achieve outcomes
  • monitor progress towards desired objectives
  • handle obstacles and challenges to goal achievement
  • motivate staff towards goal attainment
  • build constructive relationships with staff and team members
  • recruit, place and develop staff
  • manage and evaluate staff performance
  • identify and resolve conflict
  • develop and implement policies, practices and procedures for improvement
  • plan and implement change effectively
  • utilize technology to effectively support the management function

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4. Sales and Marketing Jobs

As a sales or marketing professional your job skills will relate to achieving targets and quotas and contributing to the company's bottom line.

  • schedule sales and marketing activity
  • identify and assess customer needs
  • use products and services to resolve customer problems
  • plan and deliver presentations
  • handle customer objections effectively
  • negotiate to a win-win outcome
  • close the sale in a professional manner
  • manage all steps of the sales cycle effectively
  • conduct in-depth market research and analysis
  • track industry trends and competitor activity
  • identify and target new business
  • expand customer base or sales territory
  • provide excellent service to existing customer base
  • improve customer retention rates and sales
  • collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve targets and quotas

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