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Easy-to-use accounting job descriptions that clarify the common duties, responsibilities and skills for common accountancy jobs from entry level to senior positions. 

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Find out what accounting skills and competencies are required in each position and gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific accounting role.

Each job description includes the core tasks, duties and responsibilities for the job, the skills and knowledge needed for good job performance and the competencies identified as key to job success.

Accounting Job Description Samples

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Senior Accountant Job Description

The senior accountant is responsible for the application of recognized accounting principles and procedures to manage financial data and prepare financial reports. Senior accountants can be responsible for a wide range of tasks relating to strategic financial planning, management and control.

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Junior Accountant Job Description

The junior accountant job usually involves general accounting duties that support and assist the senior accountant in carrying out the overall financial and accounting function for the company or organization.

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Accounts Receivable Job Description

Accountancy job descriptions include those for the Accounts Receivable position. This job involves financial, clerical and administrative functions that facilitate the accurate and timely payment of money owed to the company or organization.

The detailed job description for Accounts Receivable can be found here.

Accounts Payable Job Description

The Accounts Payable job is responsible for the efficient processing and payment of accounts payable by the company.

The Accounts Payable Job Description clearly details the tasks and responsibilities involved in this job.

Accounting Clerk Job Description

The accounting clerk provides general support to the accounting and financial function within an organization.

Find out more at Accounting Clerk Job Description.

Bookkeeper Job Description

The bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for the company.

Find out more at this detailed job description for the Bookkeeper position.

Payroll Clerk Job Description

The payroll clerk is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of the employee payroll. This position requires good  computer skills as well as the ability to efficiently collect and manage information.

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Payroll Manager Job Description

The payroll manager is responsible for managing payroll preparation and payment. In addition to payroll experience the payroll manager requires a solid knowledge of accounting principles and practices.

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Administrative Job Descriptions

This range of administrative job descriptions is another useful resource.

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Accounting resumes and cover letters

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Sample Accounting Cover Letters


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Accounting Job Interviews

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