Sample Administrative
Job Descriptions

Sample administrative job descriptions.

Jobs that provide administrative support in organizations include:

  • administrative assistant
  • office manager
  • office assistant
  • office supervisor
  • receptionist
  • secretarial
  • clerical

Full job descriptions are provided for each of these functions.

Use these comprehensive administrative job description examples to gain a clear understanding of the important administrative jobs that are essential to the efficient operation of all organizations.

Sample Administrative Job Descriptions

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Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative assistant jobs are one of the most commonly listed jobs on the market. 

This description comprehensively details the duties and responsibilities, the education and experience required and the key competencies needed in an administrative assistant role.

Administrative assistant duties that apply to administrative assistants in different work environments including sales, marketing, medical and human resources.

Receptionist Job Description

This description summarizes the typical activities and responsibilities of a receptionist job. Knowledge requirements and the competencies needed for successful job performance are clearly outlined.

Receptionist Duties

Secretary Job Description

Sample job descriptions for administrative positions include the key job of secretary. The secretary job may differ from organization to organization but the core components of the job remain constant.

A list of common secretarial duties and responsibilities is detailed together with the knowledge requirements and key job competencies needed in any secretarial job.

Clerical Job Description

Clerical jobs are common in many different employment environments but successful job performance requires certain common skills and abilities.

This clerical job description outlines the typical activities and responsibilities associated with the clerical function as well as the knowledge and competencies required in a clerical job.

Office Manager Job Description

This job description outlines the duties and responsibilities common to office management jobs in most working environments.

The office manager job is multifaceted but the primary function of the office manager is to make it possible for other people to operate effectively and efficiently.

Medical Office Manager Job Description

Dental Office Manager Job Description

View this complete list of office manager duties.

Office Supervisor Job Description

Responsible for the supervision and oversight of office services and activities, the office supervisor plays a key role in ensuring operational efficiency.

Office Supervisor Job Description

Office Assistant Job Description

The office assistant job description lays out the responsibilities involved in maintaining an efficient office environment and providing administrative support to those in the office.

Sample Administrative Job Descriptions Template

Shipping and Receiving Clerks

These administrative jobs are fully described at:

Shipping Clerk Job Description

Receiving Clerk Job Description

Sample Administrative Resumes

Administrative Assistant Resume

Office Manager Resume

Receptionist Resume

Clerical Resume

Office Assistant Resume

Secretary Resume

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Administrative Job Interviews

Clerical Interview Questions

Office Manager Interview Questions

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