Office Manager Duties

Directory of office manager duties. Office managers perform a wide array of tasks to ensure the proper functioning of an office.

This list of duties groups tasks and responsibilities according to the different functions that the office manager may be responsible for depending on the size of the business and the type of company.

Select the relevant duties and skills to write a comprehensive office manager job description, resume or cover letter.

Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Duties for a general business office manager include:

Staff Management

  • recruit and select new candidates
  • prepare paperwork for hires and terminations
  • conduct orientation of new staff members
  • identify and organize training programs for staff
  • motivate, mentor and coach staff
  • delegate and coordinate work tasks
  • manage performance including evaluations and feedback
  • resolve disputes and grievances
  • keep staff attendance reports
  • maintain employee personal files

Human Resources Job Description


  • monitor and record expenses
  • prepare expense reports
  • maintain office budget
  • maintain bookkeeping system through monthly financial reports
  • process accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • follow up on overdue accounts
  • perform account reconciliations
  • manage petty cash

Accounting Clerk Job Description

Accounting Job Descriptions


  • monitor and record hours worked including overtime
  • monitor vacation and sick leave
  • administer benefits
  • compute tax returns
  • write and distribute payroll checks

Payroll Clerk Job Description


  • organize appointments and meetings
  • maintain calendars and schedules
  • manage travel arrangements
  • prepare and distribute minutes of meetings
  • arrange and prepare presentations
  • prepare and distribute correspondence
  • compile and present special reports
  • answer, screen and direct incoming calls

Secretary Job Description

Data Management

  • create and maintain databases
  • organize retention, protection, retrieval, transfer and removal of records
  • ensure security of data

Policies and Procedures

  • evaluate existing procedures
  • design and implement procedural improvements
  • prepare materials describing procedures and standards
  • communicate changes in policies and procedures
  • ensure adherence to policies and procedures by staff members

Customer Service

  • handle customer inquiries and complaints
  • process customer requests
  • keep updated customer records

Customer Service Job Description

General Office Management

  • maintain and upkeep office equipment and furniture
  • organize repairs and upgrades
  • follow through on maintenance agreements and contracts
  • ensure payment of utility bills
  • order and maintain office supplies
  • research vendors for pricing and delivery options
  • troubleshoot computer and systems problems
  • liaise with IT specialists to resolve problems

Office Manager Job Description

Office Managers in Different Settings

Office Manager duties will differ according to the working environment.

In addition to general office management duties the office manager in a sales office, medical office and school office is responsible for the following:

Sales Office Manager

  • coordinate and support sales development activities
  • maintain tracking reports for sales
  • report monthly sales figures
  • deal with customer queries
  • process orders, applications and requests
  • expedite orders and delivery
  • accurately maintain customer database

Healthcare Office Manager

  • register new patients
  • schedule patient appointments
  • maintain and manage patient records
  • prepare and distribute billing statements
  • prepare claims for insurance

Dental Office Manager Job Description

Medical Office Manager Job Description

School Office Manager

  • manage schedule for principal
  • monitor and manage daily staff absences
  • coordinate substitute teachers
  • prepare monthly time and attendance records
  • manage student records
  • supervise student workers
  • liaise between students, parents and staff
  • draft and distribute correspondence
  • dispense instructional material to teachers

Office Manager Job Descriptions


Office Manager Job Description


Medical Office Manager

Use the office manager job description together with the office manager duties list to draft a comprehensive job description for your specific office management job.

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