Sample Manager Resumes

Manager resumes for different management jobs. Regardless of the job level, the industry or the company, a manager has to plan, organize, lead and control.

Potential employers are looking for competence in these areas. Your resume should clearly highlight your management skills and accomplishments in a results-driven format. An effective resume format projects competence and professionalism.

Use these management resume tips to know how to create a job-winning resume then select the sample manager resume you want.

How to write a powerful manager resume objective

  • get the reader's attention straight away with a dynamic resume objective statement of your strengths and skills as they relate directly to the management job opportunity.
  • the potential employer should immediately get a clear picture  of your industry-specific experience, your level of responsibility and your relevant manager skills. The purpose of the resume objective statement or profile summary is to prove you can make a valuable contribution to the company.

Sample Resume Objectives

How long should your manager resume be?

There is no hard and fast rule that applies to all management resumes. The answer depends on your experience and the level and scope of the management position you are applying for.

  • good advice is to keep your resume concise and focused on your key selling points as they relate to the job opportunity.
  • for applicants with less than 10 years experience a one-page resume is usually adequate. If you have more than 10 years experience related to the job opportunity, a two-page resume is acceptable.
  • focus on your most recent and highest level management position. You can list previous manager jobs if they are relevant but avoid repeating job information.
  • your job history should indicate your progression in your management career but keep your resume concise and compelling. Use bullet points to make it easy to read and absorb the information.
  • include all important and relevant qualifications, training and certifications. List your technical skills such as the computer applications you are proficient in, the systems and practices you are familiar with. Make sure the information you provide targets the job opportunity.

How to describe your management skills on your resume

  • provide a full picture of the scope of your management responsibilities. How many staff do you manage? What size budget do you control? What resources do you allocate?
  • quantify your achievements by using facts and figures to describe your  contributions. Avoid just listing daily tasks and focus on information that makes an impact. For example: "Conducted market surveys to determine market penetration. Implemented strategy improvements resulting in an 8% increase in market share".
  • use powerful action words to describe the successful task outcomes you have achieved. You can find a list of useful action verbs at resume action words
  • highlight your management competencies. Competencies that are core to successful job performance for almost any management position include planning and organizing, decision-making and judgment, delegation and motivation, problem resolution, communication and persuasiveness.
What Makes a Good Manager?

What keywords should you use in your manager resume?

  • Recruiters and potential employers use resume keywords to search resume databases. These keywords demonstrate the essential skills, experience and knowledge needed to perform the job.
  • It is important to use the right resume keywords in your resume to both get your resume found and to convince the  employer you can do the job.

General Manager Resume Sample

Select the sample manager resume you need from the list of manager resumes below.

Sample Manager Resumes

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Manager Resume Template

Over 50 cover letters to adapt for your own use

Cover letters are crucial to getting the right reaction to your resume. Choose from these sample cover letters to help you develop your own winning cover letter.

This sample manager cover letter can be easily adapted for your own use.

What are a manager's duties and responsibilities?

Go to these manager job descriptions to view comprehensive descriptions for a wide range of management jobs. Use the information to develop a job-relevant resume.

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