What Makes a Good Manager?

Knowing what makes a good manager allows for the effective selection of a strong management team.

There are certain skills and competencies that a successful manager displays regardless of industry, organization, age or gender.

These are the key competencies a manager uses to achieve a productive and efficient workforce that accomplishes the right results.

A good manager provides clear direction

  • defines specific objectives and outcomes

  • communicates these clearly to staff
  • delegates responsibility and defines roles explicitly
  • establishes and communicates checks and controls
  • follows up to ensure staff are on track to achieve outcomes

A good manager engages in clear communication

  • expresses ideas effectively
  • allows for frequent and open two-way communication
  • summarizes information to clarify understanding
  • listens to and acts on staff suggestions
  • provides constructive feedback to staff

A good manager effectively develops staff

  • utilizes staff members' skills and potential through effective delegation
  • develops staff through appropriate learning activities
  • empowers staff by sharing control of resources and responsibilities
  • manages staff performance continuously
  • provides support and help to maximize performance
  • recognizes staff for their efforts

A good manager exercises good judgment

  • defines and clarifies the issue
  • gathers relevant facts
  • chooses the most appropriate course of action based on valid information
  • commits to the course of action
  • communicates and explains decision to staff
  • follows up on implementation

A good manager plans and organizes to get results

  • defines objectives
  • develops set of actions to meet objectives
  • determines, obtains and assigns resources
  • directs and motivates staff to achieve outcomes
  • evaluates and reviews progress

A good manager solves problems effectively

  • defines the problem
  • gathers and analyzes relevant information
  • identifies cause and effect relationships
  • generates possible solutions
  • plans, communicates and executes the best solution

Identifying a good manager does not have to be complicated. Focus on the basic skills that matter. Use the manager interview guide to explore these competencies and make the right selection decision.

As a manager use your insight to evaluate your own skills. A clear understanding of what makes a good manager will enable you to answer manager interview questions properly and professionally.

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