Clerical Job Description

The clerical job description details the tasks and activities common to a range of clerical jobs. 

Clerical jobs are found in many different employment environments but successful job performance typically requires certain clerical skills and abilities which are outlined in this job description.

A number of clerical jobs start off as an entry level position but often expand into a more complex career role with experience.

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Adapt this sample job description to meet the clerical and administrative duties and responsibilities of your specific clerical position.


General Purpose

To provide administrative and clerical support to ensure the efficient operation of the department or office.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • answering and directing phone calls
  • making phone calls
  • taking and distributing messages
  • organizing and scheduling appointments
  • organizing and coordinating meetings
  • handling inquiries and incoming work requests
  • reviewing files and records to answer requests for information
  • checking and distributing documents and correspondence
  • receiving, sorting and distributing incoming mail
  • maintaining filing systems
  • compiling records of office activities
  • photocopying, scanning and faxing
  • sending emails
  • preparing and sending outgoing mailings and packages
  • typing documents and correspondence
  • checking and entering data
  • updating and maintaining databases
  • coordinating work flow
  • controlling basic accounting functions such as checking invoices and making deposits
  • managing petty cash
  • monitoring and ordering inventory of office supplies
  • keeping office area neat and tidy

Education and Experience

  • knowledge of relevant software applications including MS Office
  • proficient in use of email and internet
  • good numeracy skills
  • accurate keyboard skills
  • knowledge of office management systems and procedures
  • knowledge of administrative procedures
  • knowledge of basic accounting procedures
  • high school diploma or equivalent

Key Competencies and Skills

  • organizational and planning
  • time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
  • data management
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • customer service orientation
  • team work
  • communication skills - verbal and written
  • confidentiality

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What are the top clerical skills?

Employers have identified the following key clerical skills:

  • organization and planning skills including the ability to efficiently prioritize tasks and manage multiple work tasks to meet deadlines
  • communication skills including effective verbal and written communication skills
  • accuracy and attention to detail including checking processes and tasks to produce quality work
  • computer skills including strong data collection and data management skills
  • teamwork including the ability to work productively as part of a team

What do you enjoy most about the clerical assistant job?

These are some of the answers clerical employees provided.

"I enjoy the challenge of staying up to date with changing technology. I am expected to perform a wide range of tasks and each day is different."

"I know my department would be completely lost without my clerical help. I feel efficient and respected."

"I view it as a good starting point for a career in office administration. I am learning all the time and my goal is to become an office manager."

The clerical job description can be adapted for company-specific use.

Latest Update - Clerical Worker Salary

According to the average salary for clerical worker job postings in the United States on the site is $16.48 per hour as of March 2023.

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