7 Professional Accounting Resumes

Excellent sample accounting resumes that get you the results you want.

Find out how to develop a job-winning resume that gets you to the next step in the hiring process.

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You can secure the accounting job you want with a well-written resume that gets your job application taken seriously. Your resume should quickly and clearly tell the reader why you are a good job candidate. Use these sample resumes to write your own job-winning accounting resume.

Sample Accounting Resumes

1. Senior Accounting Resume

The profile statement at the top of your accountant resume summarizes your relevant expertise and career highlights and immediately tells the potential employer why you can successfully perform the job. You can make use of specific metrics in your resume to highlight the scope of your professional experience.

This Accounting Sample Resume will be of great help when you want to build your own professional resume.

2. Junior Accountant Resume

This resume is suitable for a junior accountant with a couple of years general accounting experience.  The resume example highlights the specific accounting responsibilities expected of a junior accountant and the skills that employers seek in this position.

The Junior Accountant Resume will help you to take your accounting career to the next level.

3. Bookkeeper Resume

The work experience section of the sample bookkeeper resume clearly presents the responsibilities and duties of previous job positions. The bullet point format allows for quick and easy reading of the candidate's scope of experience. Computers are integral to bookkeeping and finance so it is important to highlight your computer skills in your resume. Always include a section that details your technical skills.

View this Bookkeeper Resume Sample to find out more.

4. Accounts Payable Resume

Provide sufficient detail to ensure the full scope of your relevant accounting experience is clearly demonstrated. Organize the information so that it is easy to read and absorb. Bullets help with clarity of information.

Find out more with this Accounts Payable Resume

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5. Accounts Receivable Resume

Use concrete examples of your professional achievements in your resume. Highlight functions such as billing, managing collections, reconciliations.

Create a persuasive and informative resume with this sample Accounts Receivable Resume

6. Accounting Clerk Resume

Your accountancy skills and strengths should be presented in a user-friendly format.

Tailor your resume to the specific job requirements in order to stand out as the candidate who can do the job.

Find out how to make the most of your experience and expertise at Sample Accounting Clerk Resume

7. Entry Level Accounting Resume

Your education and qualifications are key to getting your resume noticed for an entry-level position. This sample resume highlights what you can bring to a potential employer as an entry level candidate.

Accountancy-related competencies are clearly demonstrated and any relevant work experience is concisely summarized. The resume profile statement is key to getting the reader's attention and making sure your resume receives serious consideration.

The sample profile statements help you to formulate your own persuasive profile summary. The computer skills section immediately identifies the technical capabilities you offer a prospective employer.

Use the Entry Level Accounting Resume to develop a well-written resume.

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