Marketing Job Description

Sample marketing job description. Marketing responsibilities vary according to industry, level of position and size of company. However these core responsibilities apply to the majority of jobs referred to as:

  • marketing administrator
  • marketing assistant
  • marketing coordinator
  • marketing officer
  • marketing specialist
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Select the relevant tasks and job requirements for your specific marketing position to create an accurate and detailed job description.


General Purpose

Assist in planning, coordinating and executing marketing programs to support organizational objectives.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • design and develop marketing materials
  • liaise and correspond with outside vendors and suppliers
  • monitor production of marketing materials
  • oversee distribution of marketing materials
  • draft press and media releases
  • liaise with public relations and media contacts
  • help prepare and conduct product presentations
  • help plan, coordinate and participate in marketing events
  • execute direct marketing campaigns
  • prepare online marketing campaigns
  • develop and implement strategies for social media platforms
  • update company website and social media tools
  • oversee loyalty and rewards programs
  • conduct market research
  • monitor competitive activity and market trends
  • monitor and assess customer feedback
  • maintain customer information via marketing database and CRM system
  • collect and analyze data to prepare marketing reports
  • track, coordinate and assemble data to measure outcomes of marketing programs
  • communicate with sales and production regarding product and pricing changes
  • maintain promotional materials inventory
  • maintain archive of marketing materials
  • ensure marketing activities comply with state and federal regulations

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • customer service, marketing or sales experience
  • understanding of the principles of marketing
  • knowledge of marketing tools and techniques
  • proficient in relevant computer applications
  • proficient in social media marketing

Key Skills and Competencies

  • planning and organizing
  • communication skills
  • attention to detail
  • problem solving
  • innovative
  • initiative
  • flexible
  • stress tolerance
  • team player

Marketing skill requirements are constantly changing as digital marketing platforms evolve. Make sure your marketing job description is aligned to current marketing trends.

Latest Update Marketing Jobs 2023

Today, a successful marketer needs a growing list of new skills. A marketing professional is constantly building and creating digital content. A working knowledge of website creation and relevant coding skills are required for this. A profound understanding of social media is essential.

In addition a reasonable grasp of design will add value to a marketer's skill set. Basic graphic and print design knowledge coupled with an understanding of design applications enhances the candidate's value to the company.

Being comfortable working with data from various sources is another essential component to being a successful marketer. Data collection and analysis is key to the role of marketer in an organization.

In the current marketing environment it is important for marketers to develop these skills to remain relevant.

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