Salesperson Job Description

The salesperson job description outlines the typical tasks, duties and skills for the sales job.

There are many kinds of sales personnel and sales jobs, however all sales functions involve some common activities and abilities.

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General Purpose

To plan and carry out all sales activities on assigned accounts or areas. Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing quality of product and service delivery.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • generate and qualify leads
  • source and develop client referrals
  • prepare sales action plans and strategies
  • schedule sales activity
  • develop and maintain a customer database
  • develop and maintain sales and promotional materials
  • plan and conduct direct marketing activities
  • make sales calls to new and existing clients
  • develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients
  • negotiate with clients
  • develop sales proposals
  • prepare and present sales contracts
  • conduct product training
  • maintain sales activity records and prepare sales reports
  • respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically or in person
  • ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships
  • follow up on sales activity
  • perform quality checks on product and service delivery
  • monitor and report on sales activities and follow up for management
  • carry out market research and surveys
  • participate in sales events
  • monitor competitors, market conditions and product development

Education and Experience

  • knowledge of relevant computer applications
  • knowledge of principles and practices of sales
  • knowledge of customer service principles
  • knowledge of basic business principles
  • knowledge of digital sales platforms
  • experience in sales
  • experience in making presentations
  • proven ability to achieve sales targets

Key Skills and Competencies

  • planning and strategizing
  • persuasiveness
  • adaptability
  • verbal and written communication
  • negotiation skills
  • resilience and tenacity
  • stress tolerance
  • goal driven

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