Sample Sales
Job Descriptions

These sample sales job descriptions provide a clear outline of duties and responsibilities as well as the competencies required for different sales jobs.

Easy to use and well-designed job descriptions that provide the information you need for each position.

Sample job descriptions include retails sales, sales representative, pharmaceutical sales, sales manager, telemarketing, call center jobs, marketing jobs and customer service positions.

Sample Sales Job Descriptions

Select the sales job description you are looking for and adapt it for your your own needs.

Salesperson Job Description

This job description clarifies the job tasks and skills for a general salesperson or sales representative. This diverse job title allows for a range of sales activities and it is important to fully understand the responsibilities and scope of the position.

Although sales positions vary from company to company the fundamental principals and primary duties of the job remain constant.

These are clearly outlined in the Salesperson Job Description

Job Description for Retail Sales

This job description example defines the activities and competencies of the salesperson who works in a retail environment. Typically retail sales involves assisting and encouraging customers to make a purchase within a store.

Most retails sales jobs include a variety of services. Competition in retail is fierce and the skill and ability requirements for retail sales associates are becoming more and more demanding. View the Retail Sales Job Description

Pharmaceutical Sales Job Description

Sales job descriptions include the specialized job of pharmaceutical sales. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare are a growing part of the U.S. and world economy.

It is a demanding but rewarding job that requires specialist knowledge and training. Find out more at this comprehensive sample job description for Pharmaceutical Sales

Sales Manager Job Description

As in any management role a sales manager is required to plan, organize, lead and control the sales activities and sales staff of an organization.

Regardless of the industry that the sales manager works in, he or she needs to possess a number of core behavioral competencies to succeed in this position. Find out more at the job description for a Sales Manager

Store Manager Job Description

Full list of the duties and responsibilities associated with the store manager position. Includes comprehensive details of the skill requirements for the store manager job.

Store Manager Job Description

Retail Store Manager Duties

Telemarketing Job Description

A sales position that conducts activities strictly by telephone and sometimes via email and fax.

Telemarketers are often responsible for generating their own leads and making cold calls to potential customers. It is a tough job requiring resilience and perseverance.

As well as representing the company in a professional manner the telemarketing agent has to persuade potential buyers of the value of their product.

Find out more about this position using the Telemarketing Job Description

Call Center Job Description

Call center agents may be responsible for taking inbound calls, making outbound calls or doing both. Generally a more diverse position than the telemarketer, call center agent positions can include a wide range of responsibilities. Call Center Job Description

Customer Service Job Description

Communicating with customers to provide and process information and acting as the key link between the customer and the company, customer service representatives are employed in a wide range of industries. 

Customer service jobs are critical to company performance. A recent Customer Experience Impact report states that 86% of customers quit doing business with a company because of just one bad customer service experience. Find more details for this key position at Customer Service Job Description

Customer Service Manager Job Description

Marketing Job Description

The duties included in this sample marketing job description apply to positions that include marketing administrator, marketing assistant, marketing coordinator and marketing officer. Find out more at Marketing Job Description

Marketing Manager Job Description

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