Customer Service Manager
Job Description

Comprehensive customer service manager job description.

This job description provides a clear understanding of the duties, responsibilities, skills and competencies involved in the customer service management job and a detailed explanation of the role of the customer service manager. 

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Certain responsibilities will vary according to the company and industry but the fundamental activities and job requirements remain standard throughout. This job may also be referred to as Customer Care Manager.


General Purpose

Plan, co-ordinate and control the activities of the customer service team to maintain and enhance customer relationships and meet organizational and operational objectives.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • develop and implement customer service policies and procedures
  • define and communicate customer service standards
  • review and assess customer service contracts
  • oversee the achievement and maintenance of agreed customer service levels and standards
  • direct the daily operations of the customer service team
  • plan, prioritize and delegate work tasks to ensure proper functioning of the department
  • ensure the necessary resources and tools are available for quality customer service delivery
  • review customer complaints
  • track customer complaint resolution
  • handle complex and escalated customer service issues
  • monitor accuracy of reporting and data base information
  • analyze relevant data to determine customer service outputs
  • identify and implement strategies to improve quality of service, productivity and profitability
  • liaise with company management to support and implement growth strategies
  • co-ordinate and manage customer service projects and initiatives
  • ensure budget requirements are met
  • evaluate and performance manage staff
  • identify and address staff training and coaching needs

Education and Experience

  • relevant bachelor's degree
  • customer service experience
  • supervisory experience
  • in-depth knowledge of customer service principles and practices
  • in-depth knowledge of customer service software, databases and CRM tools
  • Current with relevant technology trends and applications
  • proficiency in MS Office applications
  • experience in use of social media platforms
  • product knowledge

Key Skills and Competencies

  • communication skills
  • customer service focus
  • supervisory skills
  • problem analysis and problem-solving
  • decision-making
  • planning and organizing
  • initiative
  • flexibility
  • presentation skills
  • stress tolerance

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ZipRecruiter reports that the average salary for Customer Service Manager in United States job postings on the site is $53,541 as of March 2023.

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