Help Desk Job Description

The help desk job description applies to the generic help desk and service desk job function and can easily be revised to suit your specific needs.

The help desk support role will vary depending on the organization and overall systems environment but these are the duties and activities common to most help desk positions. 

Also detailed are the key skills and abilities required for successful job performance in the help desk position.


General Purpose

Provide user support and customer service on company-supported computer applications and platforms. Troubleshoot problems and advise on the appropriate action.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • respond to requests for technical assistance in person, via phone, chat or email
  • diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues
  • research questions using available information resources
  • advise user on appropriate action
  • follow standard help desk procedures
  • log all help desk interactions
  • administer help desk software
  • follow up with customers and users to ensure complete resolution of issues
  • redirect problems to correct resource
  • identify and escalate situations requiring urgent attention
  • track and route problems and requests and document resolutions
  • resolve technical problems with Local Area Networks and Wide Area networks
  • prepare activity reports
  • inform management of recurring problems
  • stay current with system information, changes and updates
  • help update training manuals for new and revised software and hardware
  • train computer users as necessary
  • clean up computers

Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelors degree preferred
  • working knowledge of fundamental operations of relevant software, hardware and other equipment
  • experience researching, analyzing and interpreting automated system problems
  • knowledge of relevant call tracking applications
  • knowledge and experience of customer service practices
  • related experience and training in troubleshooting and providing help desk support

Key Skills and Competencies

  • oral and written communication skills
  • learning skills
  • customer service orientation
  • problem analysis
  • problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • team interaction
  • planning and organizing
  • attention to detail
  • stress tolerance

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This job description is a useful resource for both job seekers and employers to clarify the generic tasks and requirements of the help desk function and role. Adapt it for your own use.

Latest Update - Help Desk Salary reports that the average salary for Help Desk Specialist job postings on their USA site is $57,000 per year as of March 2023. Salaries for job postings for Help Desk Support jobs average $55,100 per year.

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