Retail Store Manager Duties

Retail store manager duties and responsibilities center around the overall effective functioning of the store and managing the day to day operations to ensure maximum profitability.

List of retail store manager duties

Comprehensive list of the responsibilities and skill requirements for the retail store manager job.

Retail Store Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Operational Duties

  • accurately schedule and assign employees to ensure optimal floor coverage and floor management
  • maintain a system for follow up on task completion
  • initiate and enforce operational policies and procedures
  • ensure proper implementation of operational standards
  • promptly and accurately complete relevant "paperwork" such as incident reports, new hires
  • maintain employee records
  • maintain quality assurance standards
  • oversee store opening and closing procedures

Financial Duties

  • prepare sales forecasts
  • calculate future expenses
  • prepare and set budgets
  • schedule, track and control expenditure
  • apply cost-effective strategies
  • analyze budget variances and take corrective action
  • update and maintain financial and statistical records
  • control payroll

Staff Recruitment, Management and Development

  • recruit, interview, select and onboard staff
  • train, mentor and coach staff at various levels
  • performance manage staff including performance evaluations and feedback
  • recommend staff for promotions and salary adjustments
  • provide necessary interventions to proactively address any performance issues
  • discipline and counsel staff where appropriate
  • utilize retention tools to reduce staff turnover
  • handle staff conflicts and concerns in a timely manner


  • ensure store compliance with health and safety regulations
  • ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • ensure compliance with company personnel policies and procedures
  • communicate and ensure compliance with company best practices and policies

Inventory Management

  • monitor and maintain appropriate inventory levels
  • update and maintain inventory records
  • develop and sustain vendor relationships to ensure availability of merchandise
  • ensure goods are received properly
  • oversee and control shrinkage and loss
  • manage the operations of the stockroom and sales floor to ensure timely processing and replenishment of merchandise
  • handle damaged merchandise and returns

Security, Health and Safety

  • secure merchandise through implementing appropriate security measures and systems
  • monitor and track safety controls
  • ensure safety of employees and customers through compliance with safety provisions and regulations such as fire fighting systems and emergency procedures
  • maintain a clean and hygienic retail environment
  • maintain a high standard of housekeeping

Customer Service

  • drive high levels of customer satisfaction by identifying and addressing customer requirements
  • deal with customer complaints and queries in a professional manner
  • initiate and implement customer services such as after-sales service and home delivery
  • motivate staff to provide top customer service

Strategic planning

  • develop business strategies by analyzing operating and financial reports
  • review relevant data to inform store-specific strategies and address store needs
  • set sales goals and quotas for staff


Optimize sales opportunities through the execution of merchandising strategies including:

  • appropriate signage and store layout
  • effective in-store merchandise displays
  • development of promotional material
  • implementing markdowns
  • marketing merchandise through advertising and promotions
  • authorizing clearance sales


  • formulate pricing polices by reviewing relevant data and trends
  • ensure pricing is accurate and competitive

Self Development

  • advance professional, market and product knowledge through ongoing professional development activities

These are the skill requirements for the successful execution of these retail store manager duties.

Retail Store Manager Skills

  • planning and organizational skills including establishing priorities and objectives, correctly scheduling store activities and personnel and appropriately allocating resources
  • written and verbal communication skills including the ability to present information in a clear manner and to appropriately respond to questions
  • adaptability including the ability to adjust approach to match different task and employee requirements
  • customer service orientation including the ability to develop customer relationships and understand customer needs
  • analysis and problem assessment including the ability to identify cause and effect relationships
  • judgment and decision making skills including the ability to correctly define an issue and select the right course of action
  • the ability to maximize performance of staff by agreeing on objectives and providing the necessary assistance to reach these goals
  • coaching skills including the ability to facilitate the development of staff by providing guidance and feedback
  • delegation skills including the ability to appropriately allocate tasks and responsibilities to staff members
  • initiative including the ability to be proactive in generating ideas for improvement of store operations and profitability
  • detail-oriented including paying attention to all aspects of the store operations, accurately checking processes and tasks and following established procedures
  • collaboration including building relationships and taking actions to achieve overall objectives
  • integrity including promoting and maintaining social, ethical and company norms

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