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The most important job interview info you need to know is this:

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail"

When you walk into the job interview the better prepared you are the better your chances of success.

  • Do you know enough about the job and the company?
  • Do you have convincing interview answers ready that clearly show your understanding of the job and organization?
  • Have you prepared some good questions to ask using your background research?

Follow these simple strategies to be ready for your job interview.

Research the company and job opportunity beforehand and show the interviewer how your skills and abilities specifically meet both the job requirements and the company needs. Start by searching online for company information.

What job interview information do you need?

  • Brief company history such as when it was established, shareholders, expansion, mergers
  • Basic facts such as size, organizational structure, other locations, subsidiaries, holding company, key people
  • Type of products and services it offers, who are the main competitors in this industry
  • Who are the customers and target market, market share it currently holds, suppliers
  • Company culture including mission, vision, values, policies
  • Latest news such as acquisitions, expansion, new products, management changes, redundancies, challenges

Full list of company information to find out before your next interview.

Visit the company's website

Go online to the company's website. Scroll through all the information, make notes of details you want to remember.

Company websites usually feature comprehensive information on the organization. Read it all, even media releases and staff biographies, as you never know which "click" is going to yield valuable information that will help you ace the interview!

Look at the particular department and staff who work there. Search for information about the interviewer.

If you are being sent to a company interview by a recruiter, ask them to give you details about the interviewer and any other job interview info you need.

Carefully review competitor websites to get details on what else is happening in the particular industry or sector.

Excellent sources of company information

For up-to-date info on a specific company you can set up a Google News Alert to send you news as soon as it becomes available. company specific message boards are a good source of information. You can use these to research a specific job and employer. Corporate message boards also give the opinions of current and former employees and provide an interesting perspective on the company, although it is wise to check for themes running through a number of postings rather than taking just one posting at face value.

Social networking sites can be used to connect with current employees and find relevant company information.

5 Resources for Company Research

At preparing for job interviews you can find a complete list of websites that provide free company information.

Excellent resources for finding company information. Utilize all these different means of researching the company to accumulate as much job interview info as possible.

Plan how you can use this information to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Use the guidelines at answering interview questions to see how to put this information to excellent use when preparing your interview answer to why the company should hire you.

The essential interview checklist clearly shows you how to prepare for your job interview.

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