14 Good Questions to
Ask the Interviewer

Prepare good questions to ask the interviewer in your job interview and make a positive impact as the right candidate for the job opportunity.

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Asking meaningful questions in your job interview about the organization and what it needs from the successful candidate is your chance to highlight why you are the right person for the job.

14 Smart Questions to ask the Interviewer

Questions about the company will also give you the information you need to assess whether this is the right organizational fit for you.

6 smart questions to ask the interviewer about the company

"What is the company culture?"

"How would you describe the work environment at the company?"

"What values does this company emphasize?"

Ask questions that demonstrate a strategic understanding of the company.

"What are the company's biggest challenges and how is it placed to meet those challenges?"

"What will be the likely changes in this industry in the next few years?"

"What are the future plans for growth and development?"

3 questions to ask the interviewer that highlight your company research

Do some background research before the interview using these guidelines on how to find job interview information on the company.

Consider the sort of challenges the company is facing and think about how these affect the position you are interviewing for. What does the organization need from the successful candidate?

Prepare relevant and thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer using the information you are able to gather on the company. Good examples include:

"How has the recent merger impacted on the company?"

"Your new CEO comes from a main competitor, what changes can the company expect and will there be any impact on this  position?"

"I read that a major competitor of yours is increasing its market share in this region. What plan does your company have to regain this lost share?"

For advice on the information you need about the company go to preparing for interviews

5 good questions to ask after the interview

Present yourself as a self-motivated candidate that wants to contribute as much as possible to the company by asking questions like:

"Does the company support ongoing learning and training for employees to stay current in their positions?"

"What type of employees are most successful at this company?"

"Which employee do you think best represents the company culture and why?"

"How does the company measure success on the job?"

"What sort of opportunities are there for advancement within the company?"

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Good Questions to Ask Interviewers about the Job

Ask insightful questions about the job opportunity and impress the interviewer as a candidate who has given the position a lot of thought.

"What are the immediate challenges that the recruit will face in this job?"

For a full list of questions about the job go to good interview questions to ask

The Right Questions to Ask about Management

Will the management style in the company suit you? Find the right interview question to ask employer about the management of the organization.

What are bad questions to ask in an interview?

Businessman with hand held over mouth and words "10 Questions you should not ask in a job interview"

What not to ask in your interview is very important. Go to this list of interview questions to avoid asking in your interview.

Tips on what interview question to ask

How to answer typical job interview questions

As important as the questions you prepare to ask in your interview are the answers you prepare for the interviewer's questions. Think about your answers to these 5 common interview questions and be well prepared for your job interview.

What are good questions to ask at the end of an interview?

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Make a list of well-informed questions to ask the interviewer during your job interview and you will not only gain valuable knowledge about the company that helps you decide about its suitability, but you will also make a great impression as an interested and insightful job interview candidate!

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