Production Manager
Job Description

This production manager job description clearly outlines the core tasks, duties and responsibilities of the production manager role.

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Regardless of the industry, the production manager's main function is to ensure the efficient and timely production of goods.

Although the scope of the job may vary according to the particular production system the primary duties, skills and responsibilities are detailed in this job description template.

Adapt this sample production manager job description template for your own purposes.


General Purpose

To plan, organize and control production in an organization to ensure that goods are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to standard.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • plan a production schedule for the job
  • implement and control the production schedule
  • review and adjust the schedule where needed
  • determine the human resources required
  • determine the material resources required
  • manage human and material resources to meet production targets
  • make decisions about equipment use, maintenance, modification and procurement
  • work out and implement standard operating procedures for production operations
  • ensure that standard operating procedures are adhered to
  • ensure implementation and adherence to health and safety procedures
  • set product quality standards
  • monitor quality standards of products
  • implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives
  • analyze production and quality control to detect and correct problems
  • determine and implement improvements to the production process
  • prepare and maintain production reports
  • monitor and review the performance of staff and organize necessary interventions for improvement
  • estimate production costs
  • set production budgets
  • manage production budgets
  • implement cost control programs
  • ensure efficient collaboration and co-ordination between relevant departments including procurement, distribution and management

Education and Experience

  • usually require a bachelor's degree - business administration,  management, engineering, industrial technology
  • knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing processes and techniques
  • knowledge of raw materials
  • knowledge of quality systems and standards
  • knowledge of health and safety standards and compliance
  • knowledge of process improvement techniques
  • knowledge of business, finance and management principles
  • knowledge of human resource principles and practices
  • knowledge of machines and tools
  • knowledge of engineering and technology principles and practices
  • in-depth computer skills

Key Skills and Competencies

  • critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • planning and organizing
  • co-ordination and control
  • time management
  • attention to detail
  • decision-making
  • communication skills
  • persuasiveness
  • negotiation
  • influencing and leading
  • delegation
  • team work
  • conflict management
  • adaptability
  • stress tolerance
  • results-driven

Production Manager Resume and Cover Letter

Use the sample production manager resume to develop a persuasive and professional resume.

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Latest Update - Production Manager Average Salary

According to the average salary for job postings for a Production Manager in the US is $68,457 as of March 2023.

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