Purchasing Manager
Job Description

The purchasing manager job description clearly lists the job and skill requirements of this position. Purchasing managers work in a wide range of industries and companies.

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The work activities and responsibilities associated with this role will vary according to the organizational functions, the level of responsibility held by the purchasing manager and the size of the company.

The typical duties and job requirements for this position are listed below.

Purchasing Manager Job Description

General Purpose

Manage all aspects of purchasing to efficiently and cost-effectively support organizational operations.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • establish and implement purchasing policies, procedures and best practices
  • monitor ongoing compliance with purchasing policies and procedures
  • direct procurement policies to ensure all items are purchased and delivered within budget and time constraints
  • identify and source new suppliers and vendors
  • manage vendor and supplier selection process based on price, quality, support, capacity and reliability
  • develop and maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers and vendors
  • establish and update an approved vendor/supplier database
  • develop, negotiate and administer purchasing agreements and contracts with suppliers in support of organizational requirements
  • evaluate contracts to ensure compliance with legal requirements and organizational policies
  • monitor supplier and vendor compliance with contractual agreements
  • measure and manage the vendor and supplier cost, quality and delivery performance
  • oversee supplier compliance with internal quality standards and external regulations
  • troubleshoot cost, quality and delivery concerns
  • manage risk relating to quality, cost, delivery and supply of purchases
  • introduce performance improvement measures for suppliers and vendors
  • work with relevant departments to manage inventory requirements
  • facilitate timely placement of purchase orders
  • review purchase orders for proper authorization and compliance with organizational policy and procedures
  • develop and manage purchasing budgets and forecasts
  • monitor and reduce purchase variances to meet profit objectives
  • produce regular reports on purchase commitments, costs and delivery performance
  • oversee the operations and daily activities of the purchasing department
  • performance manage, develop and motivate purchasing staff
  • direct continuous improvement of purchasing processes in line with changing organizational needs and market conditions

Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • college degree in business, materials management, operations management, engineering or related field
  • experience in purchasing and procurement
  • supervisory experience
  • working knowledge of project management principles and practices
  • working knowledge of all laws and regulations relating to procurement and contracts
  • knowledge of purchasing and supply chain systems, LEAN principles of planning and MRP/ERP systems often required
  • financial acumen
  • high competency level in MS Office applications

Key Skills and Competencies

  • communication skills
  • negotiating skills
  • networking skills
  • planning and organizational skills
  • analytical skills
  • problem-solving
  • results-orientated
  • judgment
  • teamwork
  • attention to detail

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Latest Update - Purchasing Manager Salary

Indeed.com reports the average salary for purchasing manager job postings in the United States is $77,000 per year as of March 2023.

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