Warehouse Manager
Job Description

This warehouse manager job description provides a full understanding of the role and responsibilities of a warehouse manager.

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Find out what it takes to be a good warehouse manager and the skills needed for successful job performance.

Warehouse Manager Job Description

General Purpose

Responsible for directing and managing warehouse personnel and activities including shipping, receiving, storage and inventory control to achieve operational goals. Responsible for the administration of the warehouse including budgets and cost management.  Responsible for warehouse facility and equipment management.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • establish shipping and receiving operational procedures
  • review shipping  and receiving orders and requests for stock transfers
  • schedule inbound and outbound transportation
  • supervise and coordinate loading and unloading of inventory
  • oversee the receipt, checking and verification of inventory
  • ensure proper storage of received inventory
  • ensure orders are pulled, checked and packed correctly for shipping
  • confirm the accuracy and quality of inventory being loaded for shipping
  • ensure all items are shipped in a timely manner
  • manage internal stock transfers
  • monitor damaged product orders and status of returned products
  • develop and maintain procedures for inventory management
  • monitor and control inventory including counts, reconciling with inventory systems and bar coding
  • ensure cycle counts are completed on time and accurately
  • rotate inventory properly using the WMS
  • review inventory reports daily
  • safeguard warehouse inventory by establishing and monitoring safety and security procedures and practices
  • manage stock destruction and aged stock removal
  • recruit and select warehouse employees
  • schedule and assign duties to warehouse workers
  • set performance standards and monitor and measure performance
  • coach, train and develop warehouse workers
  • motivate staff to ensure high performing teams
  • maintain staff productivity and quality standards
  • counsel and discipline warehouse employees where necessary
  • develop and implement strategic plans and objectives for the warehouse's success
  • manage the warehouse budget, schedule expenditures, analyze budget variances and take corrective action
  • develop and implement cost saving measures
  • produce reports and statistics regularly
  • liaise with other departments including production, purchasing and logistics to coordinate warehouse activities
  • develop and maintain good working relationships between the warehouse and other departments
  • determine optimal warehouse layout and efficient space utilization
  • monitor and maintain physical condition of the warehouse and equipment
  • ensure all housekeeping duties are completed to maintain safe and orderly work areas
  • monitor and enforce warehouse safety and hygiene standards
  • ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
  • ensure best practices are followed in all areas of responsibility
  • ensure compliance with federal, state and local warehousing, material handling and shipping regulations

Education and Experience

  • Associates or Bachelors degree preferred
  • proficient in MS Office including Excel
  • proficient in WMS technology
  • in-depth knowledge of warehouse inventory management
  • in-depth knowledge of shipping and receiving methodologies and practices
  • knowledge of productivity measurement tools
  • knowledge of fundamental business principles and financial processes
  • management experience involving multiple areas of responsibility

Key Skills and Competencies

  • strong numeracy skills
  • communication skills
  • planning and organizational skills
  • problem analysis and resolution
  • judgment and decision making
  • sense of urgency
  • customer service orientation
  • attention to detail

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