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General Purpose

Delivery drivers are responsible for collecting, transporting and safely delivering a range of items to designated locations ensuring all orders are delivered on time, in the right condition and to the right place.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • review orders prior to delivery
  • perform vehicle inspection before departing
  • load delivery items safely and efficiently
  • transport, unload and deliver items in a safe and secure manner to prevent damage, spoilage or loss
  • follow any customer specifications regarding delivery
  • adhere to time and route schedules
  • navigate routes using relevant map programs
  • determine the best routes taking into consideration traffic congestion, construction and other factors
  • communicate traffic delays and other concerns to dispatch as needed
  • obtain delivery confirmation from customers
  • utilize appropriate technology to efficiently manage the delivery process including handheld technology
  • accept payments for delivered items
  • handle customer questions and concerns
  • check orders after delivery to ensure all orders have been accurately completed
  • maintain a driving and delivery log according to established policies and procedures
  • prepare reports and documentation as required
  • comply with relevant transportation and road regulations
  • comply with relevant safety standards
  • ensure delivery vehicle is maintained in a clean and safe operating condition

Education and Experience

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • valid and current drivers license
  • possess an acceptable driving record
  • able to safely operate and navigate a delivery van
  • able to understand and operate GPS technology and other relevant apps

Skills and Competencies

  • reliable, dependable and punctual
  • customer-focused
  • energetic with a strong sense of urgency
  • good planning and organizational skills
  • attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy
  • strong communication skills
  • able to problem solve independently and troubleshoot as required
  • be adaptable within a fast-paced, changing work environment
  • demonstrate flexibility and willingness to work shifts
  • possess a strong work ethic

Physical Requirements

  • able to move, push, load and unload items
  • able to lift, bend, kneel, crouch and stretch
  • able to climb in and out of van multiple times per day
  • able to walk up and down stairs as necessary to deliver items

Typical background checks for the delivery driver job

Most companies will conduct a number of background checks before employing a delivery driver. The most essential check will be the candidate's driving record including a DMV driving report.

A driving record is a public record of an individual's driving history. Offenses stay on a driving record for 3 or 10 years depending on the offense and the state. The driving record typically includes:

  • Identifying information, like name and address
  • License number, classification, status, and expiration date
  • Points, DUIs, fines, suspensions
  • Traffic violations and convictions like speeding and traffic tickets
  • Accidents

Most states require the driver's consent to access and release their records and in other states the request for the driving record must include the right driver's license number.

Job candidates can pick up their DMV report in person from the DMV office or go online to obtain a copy of their driving record instantly. Each state has a different portal for doing this so just type "DMV record plus the name of your state" into the search box to find the correct portal for your state.

Various third party agents can help obtain a copy of a driving record but this is usually more expensive.

Employment Background Checks

Employment Drug Screening

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