Restaurant Job Descriptions

These restaurant job descriptions cover a selection of jobs in food and beverage and hospitality.

Each job description clearly outlines:

  • the main tasks, duties and responsibilities for the job
  • the skill and competency requirements for successful job performance

Select the job description template you are looking for and adapt it to meet your specific restaurant job requirements. Use this valuable information to gain a clear understanding of jobs in the restaurant industry.

Sample Restaurant Job Descriptions

Waiter and Waitress

The waiter or waitress job demands a high energy level, attention to detail and strong customer service orientation.

In addition to the physical demands of this job - spending long periods standing and carrying moderate weight loads - it requires the ability to remain clam under stress and provocation and good communication skills.

Any work that involves dealing directly with the public involves an element of maturity and professionalism. Find out more at Waiter Job Description.

This sample waiter resume will help you with your own job-winning resume.

Waiter Cover Letter


Bartender jobs are in high demand. It is regarded as a varied and social position. However being a professional bartender demands more than pouring beer into a mug or chatting with customers. It requires an in-depth knowledge of making and presenting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and excellent customer service skills.

The bartender also needs to know how to deal with customers who get out of hand and to continually maintain a responsible work ethic. The complete Bartender Job Description

Bartender Resume Template

Bartender Cover Letter


A passion for perfecting beverages and excellent coffee-making skills are what employers look for in a barista. The ability to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment and to accurately fill orders are other important job requirements.

Learn more at Barista Job Description

Fast Food Worker

Fast food jobs provide a good opportunity for entry level, part-time and inexperienced job seekers. High staff turnover and increased demand for fast food ensure plentiful job opportunities in this sector.

Fast Food Worker Job Description

Bar Manager

Ensuring the bar operates efficiently and profitably is core to the bar manager job. This is a job with wide-ranging responsibilities requiring a number of different skills and competencies.

Good bar managers are experienced in food and beverage service and have a solid knowledge of their products as well as general management principles and practices.

The Bar Manager Job Description provides comprehensive details.

Bar Manager Resume

Restaurant Manager

Responsible for the efficient running of all restaurant operations this is a busy job demanding a range of well-developed skills.

Management or supervisory experience is required to handle the staff management, customer management, inventory management and financial management aspects of the job.

For a full list of job requirements go to Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Restaurant Jobs Resumes and Cover Letters


Sample Waiter Resume


Restaurant Manager Resume


Sample Bartender Resume

Bar Manager Resume

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter

Bartender Cover Letter

Waiter Cover Letter

Restaurant Job Interviews

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These restaurant job descriptions can be adapted for your own use. Employers can use them to develop job postings or proper job descriptions for their employees. Job seekers can develop resumes and job applications using the relevant job description details.

How to Write a Restaurant Job Description

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