Fast Food Worker Job Description

Fast food worker job description lists fast food job duties and responsibilities and fast food job skills in an easy-to-use format.

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Fast food worker job duties may vary according to the food service environment but all the major tasks are covered here.

Fast Food Worker

General Purpose

To take orders for food and drinks, to ensure order is accurately filled, to collect and process payments. Some fast food workers may be involved in preparing and cooking the orders.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

Serving customers

  • greet customers politely
  • efficiently and accurately take customers' orders
  • input and process orders
  • address customer's questions and concerns
  • resolve customer complaints
  • assemble orders correctly to meet quality standards and hygiene requirements
  • check food is served at correct temperature
  • check the food portions are the correct size
  • check food presentation is to standard and according to instructions
  • place food orders in appropriate packaging
  • serve food to the customer from the counter
  • may be required to serve customers on dishes or trays in the seating area

Taking payment for orders

  • receive and process payments via cash or card
  • operate cash registers and card machines
  • count money in the cash drawer at start and end of each shift
  • issue receipts

Preparing and cooking food

  • operate equipment to prepare beverages such as milkshakes and coffee
  • preparing cold food orders such as salads, sandwiches, ice creams
  • prepare or assist in preparation and cooking of hot food orders such as burgers

Maintenance and housekeeping

  • replenish utensils, napkins, condiments as needed
  • may perform inventory control
  • clearing tables and trays
  • cleaning utensils and equipment
  • cleaning and washing food service areas, work areas and floors
  • collect and dispose of trash and garbage according to regulations and standards

Education and Experience

  • no formal education requirements
  • often requires no experience if on-the-job training is offered
  • knowledge of health, hygiene and safety regulations
  • Knowledge of relevant food preparation and presentation methods and techniques

Key Fast Food Worker Skills and Competencies

  • good communication skills - able to follow instructions, able to take orders accurately, able to understand and follow health and safety procedures
  • numeracy skills
  • customer service orientation
  • ability to stay calm under pressure
  • ability to work as part of a team
  • adaptability to meet competing demands
  • flexibility regarding work schedules
  • high energy level

Physical job requirements

  • able to stand for long periods of time
  • physical dexterity required to clean work and eating areas
  • able to use cleaning equipment and supplies

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