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How to write an effective administrative assistant resume objective.

Writing objectives for resumes can be difficult. Use these strategies and sample resume objective statements to send the right message to a prospective employer with an excellent admin assistant resume objective.

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What is a resume objective?

Resume objectives are concise statements that summarize your career objectives and the expertise you bring to the job opportunity.

There are a number of  formats for writing a resume objective ranging from 1 or 2 lines outlining your career aspirations such as "Seeking an administrative assistant position in a challenging environment where I can utilize my extensive office management skills" to a more detailed summary of your skills and abilities as they relate to the job opportunity.

An objective statement should tell prospective employers, in a straightforward and speedy manner, why they should continue reading your resume and give it serious consideration. The single line, candidate-focused resume objective is not sufficient to achieve this.

This statement should be expanded to a job-focused description of what you offer the employer. This is referred to as a personal summary, a profile statement, a skills summary and objective statement among other terms.

Writing an administrative assistant resume objective

Consider the role of administration in an organization. As administrators you provide the momentum that keeps a company going:

  • you implement policies and procedures
  • you organize and plan work assignments to meet deadlines
  • you multitask, problem-solve and provide support to get the job done

Your objective statement or profile summary should clearly identify your major areas of competence and expertise. It should provide quick confirmation that you are the right job candidate.

Always customize your statement to the job opportunity you are applying for. Answer the question "What makes me the best candidate for THIS job?" in your summary.

Use resume keywords from the administrative assistant job posting to help you with this. Look at the specific job requirements and summarize how you personally meet these requirements.

Administrative assistant resume objective example

"A motivated administrative professional seeking a position in a challenging environment. Over 5 years experience successfully providing administrative and secretarial support to the operational department. Proficient in a range of computer applications. Well-developed communication and customer service skills. Proven ability to efficiently plan and manage multiple assignments to meet tight deadlines. A proactive problem-solver who gets the job done."

Paragraph format or bullet points?

The above type of objective statement consists of 3 -5 sentences in a paragraph format.

Sometimes the specific job requirements may demand more detail in your summary. In this case you can consider using bullet points to describe your expertise. Long paragraphs may lose the reader's attention.

Bullet resume objective for administrative positions

An energetic administrative professional who brings the following expertise to the job opportunity:

  • 6 years experience as an administrative assistant in a fast-paced environment
  • solid experience in implementing office policies and procedures
  • in-depth working knowledge of relevant computer applications
  • well-developed administrative competencies including bookkeeping and secretarial skills
  • strong background in client relations
  • excellent oral and written communication skills
  • proven ability to work independently, handle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines

Powerful resume objective phrases

You can use these phrases to develop your own job-focused, personal administrative assistant resume objective.

Proven ability to organize and accomplish a number of simultaneous projects within time constraints

Demonstrated ability to work independently to efficiently complete multiple assignments

Adept at proactive problem-solving and follow through

Proven ability to interact effectively with clients and staff at all levels

Proficient in a number of different computer applications

Proven track record in accounting, secretarial and general office operations

Hands-on team member who is known for going the extra mile

Excellent organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail

Highly skilled in drafting documents and communications

Well-developed scheduling and organizational skills

Strong background in developing and maintaining data management systems

Performance driven professional able to efficiently handle competing demands

Recognized for extensively improving office systems and processes

Extensive experience in planning and coordinating the entire department's administrative functions

A well written and relevant administrative assistant resume objective can convince the prospective employer that you are able to do the job and will bring value to the company.

Focus on how you will benefit the organization and not on how it can benefit you. Keep it concise, easy-to-read and targeted to the specific job opportunity.

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