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The school secretary performs an essential role in the smooth operation of the school and provides key support services to all the stakeholders including staff, students and parents.


General Purpose

To perform a variety of secretarial, clerical and administrative duties in support of the operation of the school and in support of the principal, staff, students and parents.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

Filing systems and database management

  • set up and maintain filing systems for students and staff - paper and electronic
  • create, maintain and enter information into databases
  • locate and attach appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring a response
  • locate and provide data as requested

Student and staff attendance

  • track student and staff attendance
  • verify parents' and doctors' notes and investigate any discrepancies in attendance information
  • notify parents of student absences
  • process and track staff leave requests
  • coordinate substitute personnel for absent staff members
  • keep accurate staff and student attendance records and submit reports as required

School processes and procedures

  • manage school processes and procedures to ensure compliance with school and District regulations
  • enrol and withdraw students from school in accordance with school and district procedures
  • meet with new students and parents to complete registration and orientation process
  • provide school-specific administrative support processes such as student services, locker assignments, activity forms
  • maintain disciplinary tracking systems and files in accordance with regulations
  • coordinate and monitor safety procedures for the purpose of ensuring safety of students and staff

Schedules and calendars

  • schedule and confirm appointments for staff members
  • maintain appointment and event calendars
  • coordinate meetings and events

Financial duties

  • prepare and submit bills for payment
  • process purchase orders and verify invoices
  • prepare and process accounts payable
  • track expenditure for budget purposes
  • receipt and deposit all monies collected from staff
  • manage payroll functions including maintaining timekeeping records and processing and submitting payroll


  • gather and collate information to prepare data-related reports
  • provide staff and stakeholders with accurate information regarding school operations
  • produce reports in compliance with legal and administrative requirements


  • operate electronic mail systems and coordinate the flow of information internally and externally
  • prepare and distribute appropriate communications including newsletters, emails and announcements
  • prepare a variety of documents including correspondence, agendas, event programs, reports, schedules and calendars
  • compose, type and distribute minutes of meetings

Front desk duties

  • serve as a central information point to the public, students and staff regarding school-related matters and procedures
  • answer incoming calls, provide information, direct calls where necessary and take messages
  • greet visitors, handle inquiries and direct visitors to the appropriate destination
  • read, sort and distribute incoming school mail

Equipment and inventory

  • operate office equipment including fax machines, copiers, scanners, printers
  • maintain office equipment in good working condition
  • track inventory and order supplies

Education and Experience

  • relevant training or qualification
  • working knowledge of relevant software applications including database management
  • knowledge of current office operations and procedures
  • working knowledge of standard office equipment
  • proficient in spelling, punctuation, grammar and other English language skills
  • proven experience of producing communications and documents
  • knowledge of school policies and procedures

Competencies and Skills

  • organizational and planning skills including the ability to maintain an effective balance between multiple and competing priorities
  • problem-solving skills
  • able to exercise sound judgment in making decisions
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • confidentiality, integrity and adherence to ethical standards
  • team member
  • diversity oriented - able to work effectively with people regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or religion
  • energy and enthusiasm

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