Social Work Cover Letter

A professional and persuasive social work cover letter that convinces the employer that you are a serious and committed job candidate.

A well written and informative cover letter is an excellent way to demonstrate your value as a dedicated and competent social worker.

Ensure your resume gets read with serious interest by including a job-winning cover letter.

Sample Social Work Cover Letter

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Mrs Donna Mallory
Human Resources Coordinator
Durham Human Services

Dear Mrs Mallory

I am responding with enthusiasm to your job posting on for a social worker for Denver Human Services. I believe my experience and qualifications make me an excellent match for the job and I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

Some key areas of my expertise that are relevant to this opportunity include:

  • experienced in advanced case management interview techniques to assess and evaluate client and family needs, motivation and requirements
  • development of appropriate individualized interventions and treatment plans that include a variety of social services and referrals to meet social, emotional and behavioral needs
  • collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to ensure the best outcomes for the client
  • provision of complex casework, ongoing counseling and crisis intervention as appropriate
  • extensive knowledge of community services and resources to coordinate and provide support for client's needs
  • thorough knowledge of relevant federal and state laws, policies and procedures
  • solid support and advocacy skills including court appearances and parenting interventions
  • proven ability to effectively interact with and motivate a resistant client population
  • recommended for the quality of my case records, documentation and reports

I am convinced that my dedication and hard work will allow me to make a significant contribution to Durham Human Services. The challenging environment will give me the opportunity to make excellent use of my social work skills and experience.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your position and my potential contribution more fully. Please contact me via phone or email to arrange a convenient time and date for us to meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jane Smith

How do I write a resume for social work?

Your resume should reflect the serious nature of social work. Use a simple and straightforward format and font and stick to the facts.

Highlight your expertise as it relates to the job opportunity and showcase those skills and strengths that make you a committed and effective social worker.

This sample social work resume is an excellent starting point.

Social worker duties and responsibilities

Demonstrate a clear understanding in your social work cover letter of the role and responsibilities of the different types of social work including:

  • clinical or psychiatric social worker
  • child and family social worker
  • medical social worker

This social worker job description clearly lists the duties and responsibilities for each of these.

What makes a successful social worker?

Use your social work cover letter to showcase those skills and strengths that make you a successful social worker. These are some of the key skills that employers look for in social workers:

  • good organizational and planning skills including the ability to prioritize effectively and manage competing demands
  • strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • sound judgment and decision-making skills
  • communication skills including the ability to listen actively and respectfully, the ability to provide information clearly and the ability to adjust your language and terminology to the characteristics and needs of the client
  • tolerance and sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • resilience in the face of stress, lack of motivation, hostility and poor cooperation from clients and family members
  • emotional maturity and the ability to set and maintain professional boundaries
  • ability to collaborate with other professionals and facilitate cooperation among individuals and groups
  • attention to detail and accuracy in record keeping and documentation

How to write a social worker cover letter with no experience

Writing a cover letter and resume with no experience can be a real challenge. Use these examples to submit a winning entry level social work job application.


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Social work interview questions and answers

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