Sample Social Work Resume

Your social work resume should clearly demonstrate your expertise, competency and skills as a dedicated and hard working social worker.

A social worker resume should reflect the serious nature of the healthcare industry. Adopt a straightforward format with a simple font to project the image of a trustworthy and committed candidate.

Social Work Resume


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Objective Statement

Over 5 years experience working as a social worker in a diverse and challenging community. Relevant expertise includes:

  • providing timely diagnostic evaluation of the psycho-social problems of the client and family unit
  • employing advanced case management interview techniques to assess needs
  • determining the appropriate social service interventions, treatment plans and goals for alleviating these problems
  • providing complex casework to meet social service goals
  • experienced with client populations including juvenile offenders, substance abusers, teenage parents, at-risk children, low income households and elderly

Thorough knowledge of:

  • relevant federal and state laws, policies and procedures
  • services and resources in the community to provide support for client's needs
  • applicable software applications to produce quality records, reports and documentation

Work Experience

Social Case Worker

Charlotte Human Services, Charlotte NC

June 2018 - present

  • conduct comprehensive assessments 
  • evaluate emotional, social, development, financial, vocational and legal factors in determining client requirements
  • collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to develop individualized client treatment plans
  • provide education, counseling assistance and casework to clients and family members
  • research, refer and facilitate interaction with resources and services appropriate for the care and well being of the client
  • provide support and advocacy to ensure effective care of the client and family members
  • help create and strengthen connections to community resources
  • monitor client's progress towards desired outcomes and adjust treatment plan as necessary
  • provide crisis intervention as appropriate
  • maintain accurate case records and documentation

Social Worker

Child Welfare Services, Raleigh NC

September 2015 - May 2018

  • provided varied social services to at-risk children and their families to reduce the risk of maltreatment
  • conducted comprehensive interviews and needs assessments to determine nature and severity of problems
  • reviewed cases with other professionals to determine requirements, appropriate interventions and objectives
  • provided counseling, referral services and crisis intervention to achieve objectives
  • analyzed family situations and facilitated removal of children from their own homes when necessary
  • arranged temporary placement in foster care, with relatives or in a place of safety
  • acted as liaison with community services and law enforcement
  • provided support and advocacy including court appearances
  • prepared case records, reports and documents in compliance with state and federal standards


University of North Carolina, Charlotte NC

Bachelor of Social Work 2015

Licensure and Certifications

Certified Social Worker (CSW) with the North Carolina Social Work Certification and Licensure Board - License current and valid

Valid driver's license


Available on request

Social work cover letter

Always include a persuasive and professional social work cover letter with your resume.

Social Work Jobs

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Social Work Resume Template


Social Work Cover Letter

What are the role and responsibilities of a social worker?

A comprehensive list of the duties and responsibilities of the different types of social worker

  • clinical or psychiatric social worker
  • child and family social worker
  • healthcare or medical social worker

is provided at social worker job description. This will help you create a comprehensive and relevant social work resume.

What are key social work skills?

In addition to the skills highlighted in the social worker resume objective above, these are the skills frequently asked for in job postings for social workers:

  • exceptional organizational skills including the ability to manage several priorities simultaneously
  • superior critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • strong communication skills including active listening, the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively and the ability to adjust one's communication style to the needs of the client/group
  • attention to detail and accuracy in record keeping and producing documentation
  • able to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team to achieve desired outcomes
  • resilient in the face of pressure, poor motivation and lack of cooperation from clients and family members

List of workplace strengths

What is a good objective for a social work resume?

You can adapt the social worker resume objective example provided in the sample resume. The most important criteria for a good resume objective are:

  • it is targeted to the specific social work job opportunity
  • it includes the right resume keywords
  • it showcases your suitability for the job in a clear and concise manner

How to write a resume objective

Social work interview questions and answers

20 social work interview questions with excellent interview answer help.

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