How to Write an
Entry Level Cover Letter

Writing an entry level cover letter when you have little or no work experience can be a challenge.

Entry level cover letter sample and tips

Find out how to put together a job-winning cover letter that ensures you stand out from the competition and opens the door to your first job. Use our entry level cover letter sample template to develop a cover letter that works for you.

What should an entry level cover letter include?

Your cover letter is structured around these 6 essential components.

1. Start with your contact details at the top of your letter including your name, address and how to contact you (phone and email).

2. Address your letter to an individual and not to a generic " To whom it may concern" or "The Hiring Manager". Find out the name, correct spelling and job title of the person who is responsible for reviewing the job applications.

3. Write a compelling introductory paragraph that states the position you are applying for, your enthusiasm for the job and your conviction that you are the right job candidate.

4. The body of your cover letter is where you outline your qualifications, training, knowledge, skills and strengths as they relate to the job opportunity. As an entry level job candidate this is where you have an opportunity to highlight how you have the necessary credentials for the position even without direct work experience.

5. Your closing paragraph is your opportunity to reinforce your interest in the job and the company and to ask the employer to take action.

6. Sign off in a professional manner by thanking the employer for his or her time and ending with a standard salutation.

Entry level Cover Letter Sample Template

How to address your cover letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact Details (phone and email)


Contact Name
Contact Job Title
Company Name
Company Address
Company City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Last Name

Your cover letter introductory paragraph

In your cover letter introductory paragraph specify the position you are applying for, the employer may have a number of job vacancies. State your enthusiasm and your conviction that you are an excellent match for the job.

Your recent job posting for a .... caught my serious interest as a recent graduate from .... with a .... degree.  I firmly believe my skills and qualifications provide me with the capabilities to successfully fulfill this position.

Your middle paragraphs

Highlight the skills, knowledge, achievements and qualifications that provide an excellent foundation for successful job performance. This is a concise summary of why you should be considered a serious candidate for the position.

The use of bullet points to match your skills to the job requirements shines the spotlight on your suitability.

In the attached resume you will find details of my education and credentials. Please allow me to highlight the key skills and strengths I would bring to the position and  your organization:

  • knowledge of ..... developed through relevant coursework
  • strong analytical, reasoning and critical thinking skills evident in the achievement of excellent results, including a GPA of ....
  • proven organizational skills and the ability to efficiently prioritize in order to complete multiple projects within strict deadlines while working part time and taking part in  a .... volunteer program
  • notable success in working as part of a team and collaborating on a number of group projects, most recently the development of a ......
  • a hard worker and fast learner as highlighted in the recommendation letter from my internship at ....

Your closing paragraph

Close your cover letter strongly by restating your enthusiasm and interest in both the job and the company. Make it clear that you are serious about entering into a meaningful conversation which would be of benefit to both you and the organization.

As a passionate believer in ....,  I have long admired the innovative approach to .... your company has demonstrated. The chance to further discuss this exciting opportunity with you would be a privilege and a pleasure. Please contact me on .... to arrange a convenient date and time for us to meet.

Sign off

Thank you for your time and consideration


Your Name

What skills and knowledge should I focus on in my entry level cover letter?

In order to focus on the relevant skills for the job opportunity it is essential to have a clear understanding of the role. Carefully consider the job description and find the keywords that identify what the employer wants.

Even if you have little or no work experience directly related to the job you can highlight relevant coursework, your achievements - academic and extra curricular, volunteer work, part-time jobs and those core competencies that are required for successful performance in most jobs.

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