Sample Entry Level Resume

Find the sample entry level resume you want. Selection of entry level resume templates that will help you to create a professional and persuasive resume.

Entry Level Resume Templates

Entry level job candidates face a challenge when it comes to relevant work experience and skills. These sample resumes demonstrate how you can overcome this difficulty and develop an informative and convincing resume that gets you the job interview.

Select the resume that applies to the type of entry level job you are looking for.

Entry Level Accounting Resume

It is important to highlight your qualifications and skills in your resume. Focus on the competencies that will make you a valued team member in the organization. Include the accounting keywords that will get your resume noticed by potential employers. Entry Level Accounting Resume

Entry Level Administrative Assistant Resume

Administration jobs require a wide range of abilities and competencies. Your entry level resume needs to clearly communicate why you are up to the task.

Focus on the skills you have that will benefit the administrative function including planning and organizing, problem-solving and communication skills. Entry Level Administrative Assistant Resume

Entry Level Customer Service Resume

This sample entry level resume shows you how to describe yourself in terms of how you can quickly and effectively contribute to the company.

Customer service is about more than just being pleasant to the customer, it is about being able to find out and meet the customer's needs on a number of different levels. Entry Level Customer Service Resume

Entry Level Sales Resume

You have to put together a persuasive resume if you want to get the sales job interview. Show some flair in putting together your skills and strengths. However, avoid exaggerating your abilities and experience, stick to the facts. Entry Level Sales Resume

Entry Level Teacher Resume

This entry level resume template demonstrates how to use your education qualifications and certifications to get the reader's attention. Include any special skills that you have, think beyond the classroom when writing your resume.

Examples include any second languages you have, relevant volunteer experience, extracurricular activities and proficiency in relevant technology. Entry Level Teacher Resume

Sample entry level resume tips

  • It is tempting to "pad out" your entry-level resume with lots of information but it is important to only list relevant details in terms of the job opportunity.
  • Use your resume objective statement or skills summary to clearly highlight why you are able to do the job. Focus on your job-relevant strengths
  • Use the right resume keywords to make sure your resume gets the attention it deserves. Refer to the job postings for entry level jobs in your career field to determine what employers are looking for
  • Job descriptions can also help you with fully understanding the job

Sample Entry Level Resume Tips

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The top skills for entry level resumes

Graphic of resume on laptop and a list of entry level resume skills

Focus on the skills you have that will be of value in the workplace. These will include the 12 core competencies that help predict successful job performance.

These competencies, such as problem-solving and teamwork, are what employers look for in new recruits.

List of Job Skills

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How to write a compelling entry level cover letter and easy-to-use cover letter template for candidates with no experience.

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How to beat the bots

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