15 Entry Level Marketing Interview Questions

Entry level marketing interview questions and answers that get you hired.  Confidence, commitment and professionalism go far in impressing an employer in an entry level job interview. Be ready to stand out from the competition. 

Entry Level Marketing Interview

5 Common Entry Level Marketing Interview Questions

What interests you most about this marketing position?

Be specific about why this entry level job fits with your career aspirations and the skills and knowledge you  bring to the position. Have a clear understanding of the job description and articulate which of the responsibilities in particular interests you. Discuss how your favorite aspects of marketing are present in this job.

Why do you want to work here?

This is an opportunity to showcase your research and what you have learned about the company.  Focus on:

  • the company's role in the industry
  • their target markets
  • their products and services
  • reviews you have read
  • their company ethos and approach to doing business
  • feedback from employees
  • any recent achievements and future plans

Your answer to this question should show the employer that you share the organization’s values and are a good fit with the company ethos.

Your company research will be valuable in answering a number of related interview questions including:

What have you learned about this company?

What do you know about our products and or services?

What do you know about our industry?

How have your studies prepared you for a career in marketing?

A clear understanding of this particular marketing role ensures you focus on those aspects of your studies that add direct value to the job. Include the relevant knowledge you have gained and the application of this knowledge in practical assignments and projects. Include those work-related skills you developed during your studies including:

  • organizing and prioritizing to manage your coursework and meet deadlines
  • data management
  • collaboration and being part of a team on group projects
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • creativity and problem-solving

"The academic component has provided me with a solid foundational knowledge of marketing practices and principles. Applying this knowledge in practical projects and real-world scenarios means that I am able to put this knowledge to good use in the workplace. Other valuable skills that I have developed include in-depth working knowledge of digital marketing platforms, strong data analysis and management skills, effective communication and presentation skills and the ability to successfully collaborate as part of a team."

How has your work experience prepared you for this marketing role?

Although you may not have any professional experience, you are likely to have had a part-time job, some volunteer experience and perhaps an internship. Describe how these various roles have provided you with work skills that will successfully transition into this entry level marketing job. Transferable skills that most work experience will help you develop include:

  • a good work ethic and reliability
  • the ability to properly conduct yourself in a professional environment
  • time management skills
  • problem- solving skills
  • team work
  • adaptability

12 core competencies for work

Why should we employ you?

This is an opportunity to summarize how your strengths and skills are a good fit for the requirements of the entry level marketing job.

Likely examples of this include:

  • the ability to use your creativity and resourcefulness to effectively meet challenges
  • data analysis and problem-solving skills
  • notable written, digital and verbal communication skills

List of workplace strengths

5 Technical Entry Level Marketing Interview Questions

These interview questions are designed to evaluate if you are well  prepared and you know what you’re talking about. Take the time to prepare properly for these type of entry level marketing interview questions.

What do you consider to be the most successful marketing channels in this industry?

What experience do you have with digital marketing platforms?

Tell me about a digital marketing campaign that has recently impressed you.

How do you keep current with the latest marketing trends?

Tell me about a trend that you see happening in our industry at this moment.

5 Behavioral Entry Level Marketing Interview Questions

Be ready for a number of behavioral interview questions that explore those competencies or behaviors considered crucial for success in marketing jobs. The behavioral examples you provide can be taken from your academic career, your extracurricular activities or your work experience.


Describe a group project or assignment you recently completed. What did you contribute to the team and the achievement of the right outcome?

In your interview answer focus on:

  • your specific input to the group
  • how you listened to and understood the needs of each team member
  • how you received and used feedback from the group
  • how you worked towards consensus in the group
  • how each group member was able to use their strengths to reach the desired objective

Planning, organizing and prioritizing

Tell me about a recent situation where you had to complete a complex assignment by a very tight deadline.

In your interview answer discuss how:

  • you established priorities
  • you set deadlines for each task
  • you efficiently scheduled you activities
  • you maximized the resources you had available

Problem analysis and judgment

Tell me about a difficult problem you recently faced. How did you go about finding a solution?

In your interview answer focus on the following process:

  • gathering and considering all the relevant data
  • recognizing patterns and trends
  • identifying cause and effect relationships
  • evaluating alternative ways to handle the problem before taking the right action

Presentation skills

Describe the most significant presentation or report that you have completed.

In your interview answer discuss how:

  • you went about preparing for your presentation
  • you used your presentation skills to influence or persuade others
  • you recognized the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation and what you learned from it

Creativity and resourcefulness

Give me an example of how you used your creativity and resourcefulness to meet a tough challenge.

In your interview answer highlight how you are able to:

  • apply existing knowledge in new and fresh ways
  • use existing resources (skills, technology, people, data) to find a better approach
  • integrate data and ideas to find a different approach to a traditional way of thinking or working

Standard Entry Level Marketing Interview Questions

Prepare for standard job interview questions including:


What can you tell me about yourself?


Your strengths and weaknesses?


What are your future goals?

Students strengths and weaknesses list

Questions to Ask the Employer

Have some smart and insightful questions ready to ask the interviewer. Good examples include:

What are you most effective marketing channels?

Can you tell me more about your customer demographic?

What sort of employees are most successful in this company?

For a complete list of good interview questions to ask go to:


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