Medical Receptionist
Job Description

Medical receptionist job description for use by front desk medical receptionists and medical office assistants.

The duties will vary slightly depending on the employment environment - doctor's office, clinic, healthcare practice or hospital. However the core responsibilities, duties and skill requirements of the medical receptionist job remain standard.

Medical receptionist assisting a patient at reception desk

Tailor this sample job description to meet the requirements of your specific medical receptionist position.


General Purpose

Attend to patients on the phone and in person. Coordinate and organize appointments and documentation to facilitate the smooth running of the healthcare environment and support delivery of quality patient care.

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • greet patients
  • register patients according to established protocols
  • assist patients to complete all necessary forms and documentation including medical insurance
  • ensure patient information is accurate including billing information
  • inform patients of medical office procedures and policy
  • maintain and manage patient records
  • move patients through appointments as scheduled
  • answer incoming calls and deal with inquiries
  • transfer calls as required
  • schedule patient appointments
  • collect co-pays and payments
  • report statistics as required
  • schedule hospital admissions, tests, scans and outside appointments for patients
  • obtain external medical reports as required by medical professionals
  • respond and comply to requests for information
  • deal with incoming and outgoing post
  • complete other clerical duties as assigned
  • maintain stock of forms and office supplies
  • ensure reception area is well maintained, neat and clean
  • safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality

Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • high school diploma
  • knowledge of medical terminology, procedures and diagnosis
  • knowledge of computer and relevant software applications
  • knowledge of general administrative and clerical procedures
  • working knowledge of healthcare insurance preferred

Key Competencies and Skills

  • communication skills - able to listen effectively and express oneself in a clear and articulate manner
  • information collection and management - able to collect, organize and monitor data efficiently
  • planning and organizing - able to multi-task, prioritize and schedule tasks and activities
  • attention to detail - able to produce accurate and high quality work through concern for all areas involved
  • customer service skills - able to develop good customer relationships with a focus on achieving customer satisfaction
  • adaptability - able to adjust approach to meet changing demands and situations including dealing with diverse people
  • confidentiality - able to maintain confidentiality and adhere to ethical standards

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Latest Update - What is the average medical receptionist salary? reports that the average salary for job postings on the site for US-based Medical Receptionist jobs is $38,949 per year as of March 2023.

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