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Including a convincing marketing manager cover letter with your resume and job application is key to getting the job interview. A resume without a well written cover letter is unlikely to get the attention you want.

Sample marketing manager cover letter

The cover letter provides an excellent opportunity to highlight your suitability for the marketing position.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter

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Mr Lionel Mellon
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
20 South Parkway
Long Island, NY 11551

Dear Mr Mellon

In response to your job posting for a marketing manager on XYZ website, I have attached my resume for your review and consideration.

X years of experience in almost every aspect of marketing in different industries gives me the confidence that I can offer you exactly what you are looking for in a marketing manager. Please consider some of my successes:

  • Developing and implementing a fully integrated marketing program for the X product category that increased sales by X% for HJI Company.
  • Designing and executing a data-driven SEO strategy that improved search engine rankings by X% for key product search terms.
  • Pursuing new customers through innovative marketing campaigns, with a focus on social media, to achieve an X% increase in the customer base over the last 4 years at HJI Company.
  • Engaging directly with customers to build solutions resulting in a substantial increase in customer retention by an average of X% per year.
  • Introducing, at regional and national level, new products and line extensions into highly competitive markets, including B and C products.
  • Adopting a strongly collaborative approach to working with cross-functional teams resulting in improved productivity and goal achievement.

My proven ability to increase revenue and profitability by building and consolidating market presence through a range of successful strategies can be put to excellent use in a progressive organization such as ABC Company.

I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the position and how I can add value to your management team.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Henry Jones

What skills should I include in my marketing manager cover letter?

Always target your cover letter to the specific marketing manager job opportunity and include the skills relevant to the job. These are in-demand skills for marketing managers today.

  • Digital marketing - able to manage digital media projects and SEO.
  • Social media marketing- able to develop strategies specific to various social media platforms
  • Strategic thinking and agility - able to approach problems from a unique perspective and quickly change direction when necessary.
  • Data-driven with analytics experience - capable of analyzing large quantities of data to develop effective marketing programs.
  • Collaborative - able to fully engage in cross-functional collaboration for improved results.
  • Customer focused - able to truly understand CRM, customer loyalty and retention strategies and activities.

Marketing Manager Duties and Skills

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Always include a convincing cover letter with your resume and job application. This persuasive marketing manager resume can be easily adapted for your own use.


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