Job Offer Acceptance Email Sample

Job offer acceptance email sample that conveys both your professionalism and your enthusiasm for the job. It is important to wrap up your job search on the right note and formally notify the employer about your acceptance of their job offer in writing.

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Sending an official follow up email after you receive the job offer ensures that you are both on the same page regarding the terms of the offer. This sample email response to the job offer can easily be adapted for your own use.

How soon after I receive the job offer should I respond?

You do not have to immediately accept the job offer. In fact it is advisable to give yourself a little time to consider the offer in its entirety. If you have already done your thinking,       then by all means go ahead and accept immediately.

What is important, however, is to acknowledge the job offer straight away and let the employer know you have received the offer and are considering it. With this job offer response email you can request a little time to review the offer and ask any questions you may have.

Sample email acknowledging the job offer.

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Appropriate subject lines for your job offer acceptance email

Craft a concise email subject line that clearly and quickly indicates what your email is about. Keep it professional and to the point. Good examples include:

Acceptance of Job Title Job Offer - Your Name

Your Name - Job Title Job Offer Acceptance

Use the job title that is stated on the job offer letter.

Job offer acceptance email sample

To:  Address the email to the person who made you the offer

Subject:  Your Name - Job Title Offer Acceptance

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Name

I am delighted to accept your job offer of (job title) with (company name). I am honored to be offered this opportunity and I look forward to becoming a valued member of your organization.

As stated in the offer letter, my starting salary will be (salary) and I will be eligible for  benefits including (benefits) after (time period ) of employment. I am excited about starting with the company on (start date) .

If you require any additional information or paperwork from me before then, please let me know. I am available over the phone at (your phone number) or by email at (your email address).

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.


Your Name

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Job offer acceptance email essentials

  • Address your email to the appropriate person, usually this is the person who made you the job offer. Copy in anyone else as required.
  • Always express gratitude for the job offer and the opportunity to work for the company
  • Refer to your job title exactly as it is described in the job offer
  • State your official agreement to the terms and conditions of the job offer including salary, benefits and starting date
  • Highlight your availability for any further communication prior to starting the job
  • Use proper language and grammar in your formal job offer acceptance email to demonstrate your professionalism
  • Proofread carefully to ensure an error-free email and make the best impression
6 steps to writing a job offer acceptance email in the form of a graphic

Responding to a verbal job offer over the phone

A large number of employers will offer your the job first by phone call. You do not have to immediately indicate your acceptance of this verbal offer unless you are 100% sure you want the job. If you receive a verbal offer, it is best to ask for it in writing so that you can consider it in full before you make your final decision.

For example: :

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I am honored to be offered the position. In order to properly and fully review the offer  I would appreciate it if you could confirm the details in writing as soon as possible.

It is advisable not to respond formally in writing until you have received the job offer in writing and have thoroughly reviewed it. Even if you have verbally accepted the job it is important for the employer to formally confirm the details of the offer and for you to officially indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment in writing. This avoids confusion down the line.

Once you have received written confirmation of the job offer, acknowledge your receipt of the offer and, once you have made a final decision, send a formal acceptance using the job offer acceptance email sample.

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