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Always Acknowledge the Job Offer

A good piece of job offer advice is to acknowledge the job offer, even if you are not yet sure about accepting it.

This can be done by writing a letter or sending an email. This letter buys you some time while making the decision on whether to accept the job offer or not.

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Don't miss out on a good opportunity while you consider the job offer, demonstrate your interest by sending an acknowledgement and thank you email and come across as professional and polite.

Adapt this letter to suit your situation and send it off when you get the offer.

Sample response letter to a job offer

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

The date

Mr John Jackson
Human Resources Director
Bright Waters Inc.
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Jackson

I have received your letter offering me the Sales Representative position with Bright Waters, Incorporated. Thank you for offering me this exciting opportunity. I will contact you with a decision by the end of next week as requested.

I appreciate the time you have given me to consider your offer so that I can be sure my decision will be the right one in terms of both my career goals and the needs of your company.

Please do not hesitate to call me if I can provide you with any information you may need.


Joe Jobseeker

Can I acknowledge the job offer through an email?

It is quite acceptable to acknowledge and respond to the job offer via email. Simply adapt the example above  and include a good subject line such as:

Subject line:  Your Name - Thank you for the sales job offer

Subject line:  Secretary Job Offer - Your Name

Including your name in the subject line ensures your email will be opened and read. Always address your email to the person who offered you the job.

Email to acknowledge the job offer

You can use this sample email to acknowledge the job offer and request a few days to consider the offer, particularly if there is no time frame provided for your response.

How to acknowledge a job offer sample email

How to respond when you get a job offer

Use this job offer advice to stand out.

  • By formally acknowledging and thanking the employer for the job offer you make a great start if you do decide to accept the offer and go to work for the company.
  • If you decline the offer, you will be remembered as a professional and polite candidate.

How to respond to a job offer over the phone

An employer may call you to make the job offer. Find out what to say and do when you receive a job offer over the phone.

How to respond to a job offer with any questions you may have

If you have any questions regarding the job offer this is the time to ask them. You can acknowledge the job offer and then go on to ask your questions in your email. For example:

"I have a couple of questions that I would like answered so that I can fully consider the job offer with all the necessary information at my disposal. In this way I can make the best decision for both of us." 

and go on to list your questions.

Job offer advice - how to manage the job offer

Evaluating the job offer

Unsure about the job offer? Look closely at the position and consider these key criteria when making a final decision at evaluating a job offer

Negotiating the job offer

Is the job offer salary not what you expected? Use the job offer negotiation letter to get the salary you want.

Woman's hand with pen and clipboard

Accepting the job offer

If you decide that this is the job for you then you will need to write a letter accepting the job offer. Use the sample job offer acceptance letter to demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to your new employer.

If you prefer to send an email, the sample email accepting the job offer at employment acceptance email will help you with this.

Job Offer Acceptance Email Sample

How to decline a job offer

Decided that this is not the right job for you? Always write a professional and polite letter declining the job offer. The sample letter at decline job offer letter will show you how.

What to do before accepting a job offer - list of steps to take

Check that you have all the job offer details. This job offer letter template clearly outlines what should be included in an offer of employment letter.

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