Job Offer Letter Format

A job offer letter will form the basis of the employment agreement between the company and the candidate if he or she accepts the job and should accurately and realistically present the employment offer.

Include as many details as necessary in the employment offer letter or as attachments and enclosures. Be sure that what you offer in writing can actually be delivered to the employee.

An employment offer letter can become legally-binding if there are any discrepancies once the candidate is employed.

We provide a complete sample job offer letter for you to adapt for your own use but it is recommended that you first read through this advice on the employment offer letter format.

What should be included in a job offer letter?

Tick all the right boxes with the details you include in your letter. 

An offer of employment letter should include:

  • Company name and full job title
  • Physical location of job and department
  • Reporting responsibility
  • Starting date
  • Description of responsibilities - you can attach a full job description to cover all details rather then detail each task in the letter
  • Salary
  • Benefits including health insurance, vacation and personal days, sick leave and pension or retirement plans. It is advisable to refer the candidate to official reference material such as employee handbooks and health plan books for the necessary details
  • Working hours and any overtime requirements
  • Agreed factors upon which the job offer is contingent including drug testing, medicals, background checks, signing confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements
  • Employment agreements made with the candidate. Make sure anything discussed with the candidate is fully explained in the letter such as commission payments, relocation expenses, travel expenses
  • Information about training and development planned for the candidate
  • Details on how the candidate should respond to the job offer
  • Depending on what has been agreed with the candidate the job offer may include other information such as details of a probationary period

Your job offer letter should send a positive message to the candidate. You want him or her to accept the employment offer. Express a friendly welcoming tone and indicate your happy anticipation of the candidate's contribution to the organization.

You can use phrases such as:

"It is with great pleasure that we formally offer you the position of ....."

"ABC Company take great delight in extending the following offer of employment to you.."

"ABC Company hopes you will accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you to the company"

What not to include in your job offer letter format

  • Avoid the implication of a long-term guarantee of employment. This may expose the company to liability issues further down the road.
  • Phrases that may be interpreted as a guarantee of indefinite employment and should be avoided include "permanent position", "in the future", "annual review", "job security" "annual bonus". Statements such as these can be interpreted as contractual obligations by the law.
  • Avoid detailing the salary as an annual amount. This could inadvertently commit the company to a year of employment.
  • It is advisable to state the salary in weekly or monthly terms and avoid the possibility that this can be interpreted as a guarantee of a particular term of contract.

The job offer letter format

It is important to draft the job offer letter format as carefully as one would draw up an employment contract. Carelessly written employment offer letters can cause problems further down the line if the employee does not work out as intended.

Your job offer should clarify the conditions of employment and persuade the candidate to accept the employment offer while protecting the company from any future problems.

Employment Offer Letter Template

Accepting the Employment Offer

Decline the Job Offer

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