Nursing Job Interview Questions
to ask the interviewer

Have a list of nursing job interview questions ready to ask the interviewer. When your job interview reaches the point where you are asked "Do you have any questions for us?", be prepared with a number of insightful questions.

Ask a range of questions including:

  • about the work environment
  • about the specific nursing job opportunity
  • about the running and administration of the health facility
  • any areas you would like to clarify further

Preparing a list of good questions to ask in your nurse interview demonstrates two important criteria.

It highlights both your serious interest in the job opportunity and your professionalism in determining if this is the right nursing position for you.

Nursing Job Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

Nursing job interview questions about the work environment

What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?  

Can you explain the scheduling process?

Do you have 8/10/12 hour shifts?

How long have most nurses been on the unit?

What are the major challenges facing this unit?

Questions about the specific nursing opportunity

What is the nature and length of the facility and unit orientation process?

Why did the previous person in this job leave

How long has this job been vacant?

What are the critical expectations in this position?

What are the main challenges in this position?

what sort of support does this job receive?

Questions about the management and administration of the facility

How is job performance measured?

What is the policy regarding continuing education and professional development?

What input do nurses have regarding systems, equipment and patient care protocol?

How would you describe the management style here?

What are the major challenges facing this facility?

What are the major short/long term objectives for this facility?

What significant changes do you foresee in the near future?

What questions can I expect in my nursing  job interview?

Prepare for the interview questions you will be asked in your nursing job interview. This list of typical nurse interview questions includes useful help on preparing your interview answers.

Be prepared to answer competency based or behavioral interview questions in your nursing interview. Go to behavioral nursing job interview questions to view sample behavioral interview questions with answers

Nursing strengths and weaknesses list

Find the nursing strengths and weaknesses examples that apply to you and use the excellent sample interview answers to the nurse interview strengths and weaknesses question.

How can I prepare for my nurse interview?

Top Nursing Interview Tips

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